Acceptance letters????

  1. Has anyone recieved one???? Ive applied to U of P and a few others but the wait is killing me!!!!! I recieved a letter RE: providence scholarship Interview and i was lucky to recieve one!! but i havent heard from U of P yet
    so just wondering about others, let me know and GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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  3. by   Sakara

    I have also received an invitation to the Providence Scholars interview but have not yet received a decision regarding my admission acceptance to UP.

    I hope it means we got in!! Waiting in the dark is killing me!!
  4. by   GVTA
    Im glad I have someone in the same boat. I really hope it means that too!! Congrats and good luck, let me know how it turns out
  5. by   Sakara
    i just spoke with someone and they state that providence only selects admitted up nursing students for the interview. but to call admissions just in case things have changed.

    congrats to you too!!! i hope we hear soon. i will keep you posted!!
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  6. by   AshniPerpetua
    First of all, congratulations to both of you!!! I'm pretty sure that Sakara's right about being admitted to UP before you're considered for the I daresay both of you are in. Do you happen to know when the letters were sent out? I also applied for the scholarship, but haven't heard anything yet....not sure if it's just because I'm down in California, or if I should take this as a sign that I probably didn't get invited to the interview. I think it's the "not knowing when I'll find out" part that's driving me nuts right now rather than the prospect that I didn't get an interview, so any insight you could lend would be greatly appreciated! And again, congrats to you both!
  7. by   Sakara
    March 1st I received an email from UP stating the following:

    "Hello Providence Scholar Program applicant, correspondence was sent to you today via the US mail or campus mail regarding your application status. If you are a transfer student waiting for your admissions status, please know that the admissions office is processing the admissions decisions made by the School of Nursing and will send a letter to you very soon; hopefully this week."

    So you should receive your news soon. You probably didn't get yours since your in Cali. I live like 15 minutes from the school and is probably why I got my letter so quickly!!

    Good luck to you!!!
  8. by   GVTA
    To Ashini... I would check your email, i also recieved the same email prior to the actual letter. Hopefully it all works out!!

    To Sakara, did you confirm your interview yet? And thanks for the words of incouragement (:
  9. by   AshniPerpetua
    No e-mail....strange. Guess I just have to be patient, I just hope nothing happened to my application. Thanks so much for the help and good wishes, though!
  10. by   GVTA
    Did you recieve an email after your application from U of P confirming that they had all your materials? I hope things go well, I talked to the lady who deals with the scholarships and she said that the admissions office will be sending out letters today through friday, so since your in california you might not get one until next week or the next. Sorry for the wait! I know how it feels my nerves are going crazy
  11. by   Sakara
    To GVTA - No I have not yet. I will call tomorrow to confirm my interview. Did you ask the scholarship lady about interviewee admission status? If not I will ask her tomorrow. Hahaha I am to impatient!!!

    Thanks for all the quick replies!!!
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  12. by   AshniPerpetua
    I got an e-mail from U of P saying they had all my transfer app materials. I never heard back about receipt of my scholarship application, though; did you get an e-mail confirming that, too? That does make me feel better to know they're sending it out all week, though....maybe my letter (yay or nay) has yet to be sent out and that's why I haven't gotten an e-mail?

    That's what I'll hope at least, haha!
  13. by   GVTA
    To Ashani.. I would still be hopeful, I never recieved anything about my application materials to U of P or Providence I ended up calling because I was soooo paranoid! If I was you I would call them just to make sure the number is on the bottom of the providence application form (:
  14. by   GVTA
    To Sakara- Im sorry Im not sure what you mean but she was really nice and should be able to answer any questions....unless they are about admissions into U of P itself, she cant answer those. I already kind of knew that so I didnt bother asking.....dont know if I answered the question