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Has anyone recieved one???? Ive applied to U of P and a few others but the wait is killing me!!!!! I recieved a letter RE: providence scholarship Interview and i was lucky to recieve one!! but i havent heard from U of P yet... Read More

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    Got invite for Clk CC interivew today!!! Finally moving ahead....

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    So, anyone on that OHSU ABSN waitlist hear anything new from the hill? I pestered them because I was getting offers for some really rad volunteer opportunities, and they said they had a full cohort...which sounds like it means that people have returned all their papers and deposits and there probably aren't going to be any new spots unless someone has some kind of emergency.

    Anyone have exciting plans for the year off? I was supposed to be done with pre-reqs in a couple weeks, but it looks like now I'll be taking chemistry, soc, & cultural anthro so I can apply to linfield. I'm pretty stoked about having gotten a clinic assistant volunteer position at Outside In, which is an organization I have a lot of respect for.
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    Hi there,
    Congrats on the volunteer job with Outside IN, that's awesome! I would love to work there someday!

    As for OHSU, I actually do have some news- I called them last monday to ask if I had any hope of getting in, and they also told me they had a foll cohort. However, they called me last thursday and told me I got in!

    So I know it's getting close to when school starts, but I wouldn't give up all hope entirely. You just never know. I would definitely take the volunteer opportunity though, because that sounds awesome!
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    hi all,

    just thought to let everyone know. i got in trouble for having rn next to my nickname. so, i changed it to ma (which is what i am). i was told by a site staff that i could not call myself something if i am not :-) and that was suppose to be in the terms/conditions? that i overlooked of course. also to clarify, i am sure most of you know that my intention was not to say that i am an rn, it was just to use it as a nickname. anyhow, thanks for your understandings!

    kurdma :-)
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    Has anyone heard from UP for the 2012 admission cycle?

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