883 applicants to PCC!

  1. Is anybody else thinking they are going to have to leave the state in order to get into a program?
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  3. by   kamaboko
    Interesting. My essay letter indicated I was applicant number 1067.
  4. by   Loloberry
    Quote from kamaboko
    Interesting. My essay letter indicated I was applicant number 1067.
    Hmm. I got my rejection letter and it said there were 883 applicants. 1067 is even worse!
  5. by   kamaboko
    I was told by the someone in the nursing office they expected a couple thousand applications; certainly more than 883.
  6. by   airbender
    The guy Milton who works at the Health office told me they just throw out applications that are missing anything, including transcripts signatures, etc, and don't notify people that their applications were incomplete. Maybe 883 was the total number of complete and eligible applications?

    Either way, the competition for NS in this town is stiff. PCC is my last choice, but I'm grateful to have a spot to write the essay, and hopefully be accepted into the program.
  7. by   Loloberry
    Well good luck to both of you! I hope the right words come to you on essay writing day. I did get an acceptance letter to a BSN program out of state today along with my rejection letter so I'm not completely out of luck!
  8. by   jimithing112
    Yup, 883 complete applications.
  9. by   Wegs
    Quote from Loloberry
    Is anybody else thinking they are going to have to leave the state in order to get into a program?
    YES! I applied to PCC, CCC, MHCC, and OHSU, plus two out of state programs just in case. Northern Arizona University accepted me and I'm not willing to pass it up on the gamble that an Oregon school will take me. I start classes in 3 weeks! If you are at all willing /able to move around for nursing school, I highly recommend it.
  10. by   armada14
    Hello Lololberry! out of curiosity im looking to apply to bsn programs out of state also! would you mind telling the school you were accepted to and any other details or their prereqs and your gpa which you were accepted with? any info would be helpful, thanks!!
  11. by   Loloberry

    It is all the way in St. Louis, but it is a really great program and they offer a lot of scholarship money through their teaching hospital. I had a 3.8 but I know of people who have gotten in with lower gpa's. There are also different pre-req's depending on whether you have a previous degree or not. It also is a lot faster than any of the schools in Oregon. The upper division option gives you a BSN in two years unlike here where it takes three. I was going to start there in January but ended up getting into RCC so I decided to stay here. I am a single mom and all of my family is here.
  12. by   Loloberry
    Oh yeah and programs start Fall, Spring, and Summer so it greatly increases your chances!
  13. by   armada14
    Thank you loloberry for this information! I will definitely look into it!
    I read on the site their school that they have roll over admissions? if I were to apply within this month and hopefully be accepted, which start date do you think I would I ideally start? (spring, summer, fall)? It says two letters reference forms are required. Would those be mailed separtely or with my application (am I allowed to view it or must they be sealed?) and After you did apply, how long did you wait before hearing back from the school? or getting an acceptance letter?

    Also I noticed the school is more of a facillity and probably would not have dorm rooms and housing. I am a male student that would hope to live close and nearby the school, do you think there would be appropriate and reasonable places to live nearby? sorry for asking so many quesitons but I am very unfamiliar with this process since im 20yrs old, live at home, and just barely started working. x]
  14. by   armada14
    Oh yes and one last note. I currently am taking microbiology....which is one of the main pre-reqs I believe. Would I have to wait to apply since the course finishes in December or can I apply now?> thank you soo much for your time!