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    I drive an hour to work and have been doing it for almost 4 years. The trip is opposite the traffic that's travelling into the city so its not too bad. I find the drive relaxing and I'm completely de-stressed before I get home, making for a nice evening. It also helps that I love my job and the people I work with-everything considered, I feel very fortunate!

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    I know quite a few who do. It's not uncommon around here.

    My husband and I have discussed it. EVERYTHING that is not immediately local is at least an hour away. I wouldn't do it as a daily commute, but if I could do 3 12s in a row and stay somewhere overnight, it would greatly expand my job options.
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    Quote from samadams8

    Oy veh!

    Isn't the train expensive?
    $28 round trip ):
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    I have been doing an hour commute for the last 4 yrs. Honestly I hate it, passionately, especially in the winter. I went from full-time 12s, to full-time 8s, (hoping shorter days would make it better) and now I am just part-time 8s. But I really like my job.
    I am wasting a lot of $ on transportation. I could possibly find a job with a shorter commute, but I would be giving up the invaluable nursing expereince.
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    When I was on orientation (before I was required to take call), I lived about an hour away from the hospital. There were far too many times where that 1 hour commute turned into 3-4 hours. Originally, I had planned to stay at home until I had to start taking call, but ended up moving after 3 months. Also wouldn't work with call response times, which we have to be in the OR (not just clocked in or in the locker room changing) within 30 minutes (the surgeons prefer a 20 minute response time). The hassle of either finding someone to stay with, renting a hotel room, or spending the night in the OR lounge just wasn't appealing.
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    I live an hour away from the hospital. For the first 3 years I didn't mind the drive at all (three 12 hour shifts a week) and the unit was okay with the travel time for call shifts. A few months ago I switched to PRN and took a new job closer to home. I really like the neuro OR, but I am loving the extra 2 hours that I have with my daughter. The commute isn't bad ... but you need to love your job to make the sacrafice.
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    thank you all for your advice... one question though, for all who suggested "it wasnt a good fit" when i was there for almost five years?
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    Quote from RNOTODAY
    thank you all for your advice... one question though, for all who suggested "it wasnt a good fit" when i was there for almost five years?
    I don't see anyone saying or suggesting that your situation wasn't a good fit for you. I see several folks sharing their personal stories about why it was or wasn't a good fit for them personally.
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    I do, and have been at my current employer for almost 3 years. If you find the perfect place, it's worth the drive.

    I used to live half-way in between as a child growing up, so the drive itself is all so familiar it doesn't seem like it's that long at all.

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