What type of MSN do OR nurses usually get?

  1. 0 I have been in the OR a couple years and would like to get my MSN. No one I work with really has one, except our director. I was wondering what type of MSN would be most beneficial for someone who wants to stay in the OR.
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    The only ways to move up in the OR world with an MSN is either NP, possibly unit educator, or nurse manager. An NP can be hired by a surgeon group or the hospital to function as a first assistant, but that would also require someone willing to do such extensive training. If that would be the route you'd pick, I'd also recommend RNFA. Otherwise, the only way to use an MSN degree would be to leave the OR. I'm currently working on my MSN in nursing education, but that's because I can't see myself working in the OR until I retire and want to move on to an academic career.
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    I did the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner track and am now completing my hours for RNFA. I would say it was the perfect choice for me because I love patient care. There are many tracks out there such as the CNS and CNL tracks, for those who are mixed between management and education. While there isn't much for OR nurses, the options are doable. Good Luck!
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    I'm not sure the NP route is for me. I've only met one NP that works in the OR in this area...it's just not done around here. Same with RNFA for that matter. I was originally really into the RNFA idea but did a lot of research/networking about job opportunities and it turned me off. I think I will have to take my time and to more research. Thanks for the responses!
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    My Nurse Educator in the OR has an MSN in Nursing Education. My manager has a MSN in nursing administration. We also have some RN First Assistants, who have their MSN as a Family NP and they round on the patients postop and they write orders. They usually work for the surgeon's group. The military has the only Perioperative CNS program in the U.S. and it's located at Uniformed University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda MD. It's a 24 month program. It would be great if they had the same program in the civilian sector so OR nurses could get their MSN in an actual clinical specialty.

    Check it out. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

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