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I'm here to set the record straight. I am as much a RN as the next nurse and I do patient care. Operating Room Nurses assess, diagnose, plan, intervene, and evaluate their patients just like every... Read More

  1. by   chief76
    Quote from confettisocks
    BethCNOR, I cannot thank you enough for this information. I am a new graduate nurse preparing for two OR interviews in the coming week, and this about sums up what I learned in the perioperative elective from nursing school. Let's hope for a good outcome!
    Confettisocks, good luck! I'm currently in my last semester and will be applying to various OR residencies in a couple weeks when they open up. This site, especially the perioperative forum, is invaluable! So many people with such great advice.
  2. by   confettisocks
    chief76, good luck to you as well! You should also join AORN with a student membership, or wait until you are a full-fledged OR nurse. I checked the AORN website, and it looks like they have a discounted price for new perioperative personnel! Check it out!

    Join AORN - New to Profession Membership - Association of periOperative Registered Nurses
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    confettisocks, it's funny you mention that because I joined with the student membership my first semester. I was finishing up my resume' today and made sure to put that in there!
  4. by   confettisocks
    chief76, it looks great on a resume!

    I'm not entirely sure if you have access with student membership, but standard RN memberships have access to the Guideline Essentials AORN Guideline Essentials - Association of periOperative Registered Nurses so be sure to upgrade your membership after passing that NCLEX exam! I find that it is an excellent resource!