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Vocera goodies...

  1. 0 When I first got a Vocera, people immediately showed me what happens when you tell it "Beam me up"

    Yesterday, a co-worker accidently hit the button on her unit. Instead of saying "cancel" she said "goodbye"... Try it if you have a Vocera at work!

    Darn Trekkie nerds...

    Anyone discovered any other goodies?
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    Okay - I gotta ask: what's a "vocera?"
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Okay - I gotta ask: what's a "vocera?"
    Looks like a workplace walkie talkie....
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    When it works, it's a cool device. You register your spoken name when you log on. Then, anyone just has to press one button on their unit, which prompts them for a name or desk. They say the name, and they get connected. Unfortunately, the voice recognition is not perfect. It'll take outside phone calls too.

    It was apparently developed by a Star Trek fan. If you tell it "Beam me up", it plays a Trek style transporter sound. If you tell it "Goodbye" it responds with a Spock-like voice saying "Live long and prosper".
    I've used those as a great icebreaker with nervous patients in the OR.
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    Swear at it, that's good for a laugh...
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    Say "turn on funny Geenie" when you're tired of it, say "turn off funny Geenie."
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    Quote from CIRQL8
    Say "turn on funny Geenie" when you're tired of it, say "turn off funny Geenie."
    That didn't work for me. I tried it repeatedly at all speeds and volumes. Might our OR administrators have removed that Easter Egg?
    Supposedly, saying "Beam me down" will bring on a reverse of the "Beam me up" sound, with a crash at the end, but that didn't work for me either.