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  1. Hello all,

    Today, I was just told by my educator that the manager of Ortho is impressed with me and she (educator) wanted to know if I would lilke to be in that specialty? I said yes.

    Now, after thinking about it, am I ready for it? My background is as follows: 1 year ortho medsurg floor, I just finished my hospital's OR class end of November. So, 4 months total, I have had in the OR. I haven't even been rotated to neuro or vascular. There are 4 of us in the group and the educator didn't tell them anything about specialization.

    So, my question is: Did I agree to be in a specialty too early? Should I just go back to them and say that I'd like to see the other specialties before I'd like to commit.


    Thank you all for taking the time reading this.
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  3. by   maeyken
    It's great that they're impressed with your skills. However, I personally would want more experience in a broad range of services before committing to one. I would at very least ask to finish my orientation through the remainder of the services.

    I don't know how your on-shift and on-call time works, but if there's any chace you'll be working outside the ortho department it would be good for you to have your basic skills down in all services.

    I think it makes you a stronger OR nurse to be able to function in all the services, rather than just being specialized in one.

    However, after a year or two I think specializing in an area is a great idea.
  4. by   shodobe
    Being able to work in a variety of specialties is always an asset to just being, "the person who scrubs hearts". It sure makes marketing yourself easier.
  5. by   spineCNOR
    Will you be expected to cover other specialties when you are on call? If so, you certainly need at least a brief rotation through those areas.
  6. by   linda2097
    I love ortho except for having to wear hot lead gowns and being exposed to so much radiation compared to other specialties.
  7. by   NurseLumpia
    Yes, I am expected to cover other areas on the OR.
    But so far, they have been placing me in big bowel cases and gastric bypasses.

  8. by   NurseLumpia
    Yea, I nearly tipped over with those helmets