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I am just curious about something...when I worked as a patient technician in OR/PACU, I remember sitting around chit chatting with some of the nurses and one nurse was talking about the worst surgery... Read More

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    Lets be clear-elective are choice procedures. Emergencies are a different story.
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    I recently experienced being in a room for an elective D & E (for medical reasons), ethics aside it was hard for all the nurses, even the experienced. Even harder when you have recently come back from mat leave. We were their for the patient, we did our job. I can't imagine how hard it must be for the mother to make that choice. It leaves a sense of lingering sadness for everyone in the room, nobody likes these procedures....
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    It is hard for everyone.
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    i just put my personal feelings aside and look at it as any other patient. do you think it is any easier to try to save a life of a drunk driving scumbag who just killed a family of 4? no, it isnt. But we have to do it anyway. its part of the job.
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    Yes that's hard too, I know too well.