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I am just curious about something...when I worked as a patient technician in OR/PACU, I remember sitting around chit chatting with some of the nurses and one nurse was talking about the worst surgery she had ever been on was a... Read More

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    There are people who believe that an elective is taking a life of a human that has no say. Therefore they do not want to be a part of that scenario. If it was a life or limb decision then that is to protect a person from dire circumstances and would therefore not be an elective procedure. Most people would not have a problem with that. I am glad that there are people who have no problem with separating themselves from this issue, but there are equally people who feel that they are aiding and abetting in assisting with this procedure. I know it is a tough subject, but like I stated earlier there are options for those healthcare providers that do not wish to participate.
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    I can 100 percent relate to your feelings. It can be very disturbing to be a part of an elective procedure. I also used to work in an obs/gyn or and I remember that one afternoon we had an elective TOP for a patient and when the POC were out we saw formed parts and this image still disturbs and gives me nightmares. So for once I don't take part in electives but as an emergent procedure we have to put our thoughts aside and focus on patients.
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    I know this will probably inflame some people but I'm going to say it anyway.

    It's not about you, it's about the patient. If you can't put aside your personal beliefs and judgements then you probably shouldn't be working in areas where terminations of pregnancy are performed. What if every nurse on that shift refused to assist, do you send the patient home to be rescheduled?
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    Lets be clear-elective are choice procedures. Emergencies are a different story.
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    I recently experienced being in a room for an elective D & E (for medical reasons), ethics aside it was hard for all the nurses, even the experienced. Even harder when you have recently come back from mat leave. We were their for the patient, we did our job. I can't imagine how hard it must be for the mother to make that choice. It leaves a sense of lingering sadness for everyone in the room, nobody likes these procedures....
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    It is hard for everyone.
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    i just put my personal feelings aside and look at it as any other patient. do you think it is any easier to try to save a life of a drunk driving scumbag who just killed a family of 4? no, it isnt. But we have to do it anyway. its part of the job.
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    Yes that's hard too, I know too well.

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