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Are there a list of commonly used medications or procedures done that I can look into to help prepare for my OR interview? thanks!... Read More

  1. by   Rose_Queen
    Quote from SoonToBeRN2013
    And what is CEVO?
    I'm guessing you mean sevo, which is a short name for sevoflurane, an anesthetic gas.
  2. by   2bnurse_it
    coming from a telemetry unit, would they usually ask medications to assume that i am familiar with the meds they use?
  3. by   canesdukegirl
    OP, I seriously doubt they would ask you questions regarding medications. They would like to know how well you learn, if you work well with a team, what kind of experience you have in the surgery, how you feel about taking call, and if you have any charge/leadership experience. They know that you will learn the meds that we administer. Along with the responses listed above, here are a few more:

    Tisseal, or Artiss
    BMP (bone morphogenic protein)
    Pitkin solution
    Epi mixed in LR for arthroscopies
    BSS (buffered saline solution)

    All of these meds are used in the OR, and you will be oriented to them when you get to the OR. If the DO ask you medication questions, I imagine they will ask something like, "Say you have a pt with a PCN allergy. You note that the surgeon wrote for 2mg Ancef to be started once the pt has arrived in the OR. Would you give this, or would you ask the surgeon for another ABX?" Or, "Your pt is having a sentinel lymph node dissection, and the surgeon has ordered 3mg Lymphazurin.. Your pt has an allergy to sulfa. Would you give it?"

    But again, I seriously doubt they will ask you any of these questions. Good luck on your interview! Keep us posted.