need Name list of the instrument in the OR

  1. 0 hello, budy. i ' m the newbie of or. i want to start to acknowledge with OR instrument , can you give a name list of all instrument . the more the better. and how does the surgeon call the name of the instrument. thanks.
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    Many instruments have more than one name, and some will even have a surgeon pet name. I would recommend spending time in the sterile processing department assembling sets, practice counting, and look into getting a book with pictures.

    Here's a listing of books from surgical instruments: Books
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    I'm sorry, but it's pointless to have a list of instrument names to memorize in isolation. Unless you can recognize each one and understand its function in surgery it really is a pointless exercise. There are thousands of instruments, many of which have are called by several different names depending on what part of the U.S. you are in (and I'm sure this applies overseas too).
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    All our new employees to the OR spend a month in sterile processing tsp they can learn instruments and even at that they are just learning the very basics. It take a lot of time to learn instruments and there are always multiple names. Take Addisons. They can be called Addsons, forceps, pickups, small rat tooths, and one one occasion, "you know, that thing I need." I would buy an instrument book if you can and start with the basics. Good luck

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