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I've been watching TLC again....

  1. 0 Tonight I caught an episode of Code Blue on TLC. When operating on the stomach area, they always put this large, tape-like thingy, over the part to be operated on. What is it, and why do they do it?

    Also, when removing damaged organs from the body...where do the damaged organs go?
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    Nursejws, I think---correct me if I'm wrong, OR nurses--that is a sterile plastic sheet impregnated with some form of iodine.

    I believe the reason is that the normal flora of the skin can cause really bad infections in a surgical incision and this increases the sterile field as well as preventing infection.
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    Called a Ioban steri-drape. Used exactly as stated above. All organs are sent to the pathologist as directed by hospital policy.
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    organs are then incinerated, i think..after approp spec are analyzed
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    Keep watching TLC, good way to learn things. allnurses.com is a good encyclopedia for things we see on there lol.