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by Anniehow

I want to be a circulating nurse, it's why I returned to nursing school. I was unable to find a job in the OR when I finished school so I took a telemetry job. I've been on the floor for 2 years and it just not a good fit. It is... Read More

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    All my networking paid off. I was offered a position as a circulator!! I start in 3 weeks! Thanks everyone for all your suggestions!
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    Way to go!!! That's great!
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    You might be a fit for the PACU. Try that and maybe some director will see the potential in you and give you a shot. Remember the PACU is only down the hall from the OR!
    PS, sorry I didn't see the rest of the replies. Congrats welcome to the MONOPOLY!
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    Congrad!!! When I read you post, I was going to suggest that you try to apply for small surgery center position. But you got the OR job. Congrad again.
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    Hi, I was in your shoes 15 years ago...the local community college where I lived offers a 16 credit hour Perioperative nursing course, which I registered for on my own, and paid for myself. Taking that class opened doors! I made sure my instructors knew I was wanting to break into OR nursing, and halfway through the semester, I was approached by an instructor with a contact, which led to an interview, which led to a job! You might try something like that, at the very least it shows that you are not being passive about your desire to be a Perioperative nurse. You can do this, we need OR nurses!
    Tiger 52
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    Congratulations! Tiger52
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    Congrats, I hope you are liking your new job!