has anyone left the OR for the floor? or after 1 year? - page 2

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hello..i appreciate the wonderful advice and comments from everyone here. I was just curious..i'm slowly getting a bit comfortable now in the OR, but personality wise i am not sure if i am a fit for the OR. I am pretty quiet and... Read More

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    I got a job on a pediatric floor after being in the OR for 3 years....but that was only because when I moved, there were no OR openings. As soon as one opened, I applied. Fortunately I got it because I am not a floor nurse. Give yourself time- OR nursing is tough if you are someone who wants to know it and be able to do it quick because it is a much longer learning process. However, if you don't like it, i know how nothing stinks more than being someplace you hate for 36-40 hours/week. Just keep in mind the exact same thing could happen on the floor.....good luck and go with your gut!Rbs105