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Recently (appx. 3 months ago), one of our orthopod groups decided to switch to ChloraPrep for all of their Duraprep-prep cases, after reading an article on its effectiveness. But they're noticing that most of the pts. coming back... Read More

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    I found out I was sensitive to this prep and it made for great discomfort after insertion of mammosite catheter into my breast. The insertion site and the internal breast felt on fire and itched the evening after insertion. I was miserable for two days with sense of pressure and discomfort inside the breast. day 3 the pressure finally lessened. Thank goodness I had remaining percocet from the lumpectomy to deal with the pain. Ended up being more painful than the stereotatic biopsy and the lumpectomy plus sentinel node biopsy. I wish they would have used betadine.

    If time permits, patients to undergo procedures need to have skin tested for sensitivity in the doctor office before the procedure. Help make sure not to make an unpleasant experience even more unpleasant. I will insist on this before any other invasive procedure.

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    VERY interesting thread...

    We were led to believe that chloroprep wouldn't cause this type of reaction...

    lots of questions.. but I'll sit on them for now
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    Was prepped with Chloraprep for hand/wrist surgery on 4/16/12. By that evening I had a shingles-like burning/itching on the preppped area. Washed off what I could and applied Benadryl cream, to no avail. By the next evening, additionally had itchy rash on trunk and shortness of breath. Oral Benadryl relieved the new symptoms, but not the burning itch. Went to the surgeon's office where they cleaned the area (not the incision sites) with Aloe wipes. I applied more Benadryl cream. It is now 4 days, still itching, and when I uncovered the incision today because it was more tender, found it was red, swollen, and the area covered with blisters. I'm very unhappy that the manufacturer and medical journals deny adverse effects despite overwhelming online evidence to the contrary.
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    Our ortho and general docs use chloroprep quite a bit. Haven't had any problems with it at all. I know it's important to let it dry completely before draping which will help with ioban sticking. Besides that, I haven't heard of any patients having allergic reactions to it.
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    We use Chloraprep on 90% of our cases and have not seen or heard about any reactions. ALso no problem with the Ioban peeling. Not sure why some hospitals have issues and others dont. I had recent surgery with Chloraprep without a sign of redness/rash etc in the prep area.
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    We are using chloraprep almost exclusively for surgeries, and have noted a big decline in infections for our total joints. It does have to dry 100% before draping. And some surgeons did not like the clear because they could not see it.

    I had Chloraprep for pre-operative testing (injections under flouroscopy and then a big long hip labrum repair.) did not have a reaction to the prep, did have one to the op-site.

    It seems silly that any company would claim, and that we would believe that a prep would not cause allergies or problems in some persons. Someone is always allergic to something.
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    Original thread is 5-6 years old.
    I wonder if the manufacturer changed something in the formulation in the mean time.
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    Quote from kids
    Original thread is 5-6 years old.
    I wonder if the manufacturer changed something in the formulation in the mean time.
    Oh wow Kids, I did not even note the date. I imagine they have. Chloraprep is now available in teal or tan or clear, and the color now is not as bright as it was before. I wonder if they reduced the amt of dye in it....
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    We use chlorprep on our have to make sure that you get it all off after the procedure or it will cause skin problems. We have one that is tinted so we can see where it runs (for our umbilical line placements) for art sticks and CVL care we make sure to let it dry and then wipe it off with steril sali-wipes. We have had a few cases, before we had tinted, that the prep didn't get washed off and it burned their skin, to the degree that we had to involve burn clinic. And this wasn't only on preemies, but on bigger kids we have had for a while.

    I didn't notice the date too lol But still, wonder if people are still having issues!
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    I'm a new OR nurse in the OR residency. I learned that Chloraprep can't be used in mucous membranes..Gyn, ENT.etc. So far I haven't seen a problem with it used in ortho.

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