Charting in the OR and PACU

  1. 0 How do you chart in the OR and/or PACU?

    Do you use computer or do you use paper charting? what are the advantages of each charting types? how has it improved your workflow? or did it make your workflow even worse?

    any feedback is appreciated.
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    What has been your experience with charting in the OR/PACU?
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    I've charted both ways. The facility I left a sort while ago had computer charting, which worked well, when the computers didn't crash or lock up. The facility I'm in now has paper and lots of it, so I've been adjusting.
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    We have been using computer for OR/PACU charting for 2 yrs. Took some adjustment, but it is efficient, legible,great for generating audits and our IT person can adapt screens if we find a certain way works better. But I wish I had paid attention in typing class, because I still hunt and peck!
    But the #1 drawback in the OR is your attention seems to be drawn more toward the computer than the surgery in progress, especially on the short cases.

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