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Hi All, I work in an EP lab.  We have about 6-7 doctors who regularly perform the same procedures.  We have a preference book to catalog each doctor for each procedure they perform.  But it is always being updated.  I'm looking for something electronic that can be updated by anyone in our lab when preferences change.  It would be nice to just pull up an app, and have up to date info.  Does anyone have anything their OR/Lab is using like this?

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See what your electronic medical record system is able to offer. All of our preference cards are maintained with the EMR - not only does this allow people to pull up the electronic copy to look at it, but it also pulls it into the charge section of the chart. Literally all we have to do is change numbers or add supplies if we add anything additional to the field. Not everyone has access to update, but enough people do that they are updated pretty much within 48 hours of requests/changes being sent to those with access.

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