Can't decide if I should go to the OR

  1. 0 I'm sorry if this is a repeat, but I've been looking through all the posts and I still don't know what to do. I'm a new nurse (graduated in December of last year) who recently got a psych nursing job with the state (great inpatient facility on a decent unit with a great nurse manager). Let me preface that I love the psych job. However, with that said - I LOVED the OR in clinical rotation and dreamed of getting an OR job. I never thought it would be possible bc they are so hard to come by around here. As luck would have it, two weeks into my new psych nursing position, I got a call about a OR internship (6 months of training, etc.) at a pretty nice hospital with a good reputation only 12 minutes from my house. My current job is a 45 min commute in traffic (7p to 7a), but with excellent benefits (including a wonderful pension program when I retire in 30 years).

    I did a shadow day and still remain unconvinced of what to do. I think the OR will be a wonderful experience for me that I probably won't get if I stick it out in psych. But the psych job is great too. Any words of wisdom out there from other OR nurses? I tried to PM a few of you, but I have no clue how to do this.

    I'm so stressed from making this decision! I don't want it to be the wrong one....
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    I love the OR (most days, LOL) and don't want to work anywhere else.

    Go for it, good luck!!!!!!!!!
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    No brainer...Go to the OR!
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    It is very stressful and tiresome. I thought it wouldn't be since u have one pt. at a time but fooled me.
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    Quote from msslim
    It is very stressful and tiresome. I thought it wouldn't be since u have one pt. at a time but fooled me.
    For a limited time, though. Once you get over the hump it's smooth sailing most days. Working the floor was always stressful and tiring with too many patients and no breaks or lunches in site. I never felt safe practicing in that environment. I the OR.

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