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  1. Ok, I'm a new RN, was a LVN for 2 years and worked on a Med/Surg floor. I was hired as a circulator right out of RN school. I've been there about 4 months and am about to be off orientation. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed because there is still alot of procedures I have not had a chance to circulate and Surgeons I haven't worked with yet. I also feel like a bit of a clutz and like I just don't have enough snap to work in the OR. I tend to focus on the big things like hooking up the suction, bovie, and anything else that is needed in the case and I sometimes forget about putting the bovie pad and bair hugger on. I know it takes quite a bit of time to feel comfortable in the OR, but I just don't know if I'm ready to be on my own. I have done a couple of small cases on my own and I just felt like I wasn't prioritizing things well and I kept myself running during the whole case. I'm usually ok once the case gets started, but it's from the time I bring the patient in the room until cut time that I feel the most stress and like I'm just not getting it. I also get really confused when it's time to prep something other than a belly or a back, I have a hard time with sterile technique :uhoh21:. My preceptor seems to have to keep reminding me to do things that I should already know to do without being prompted. I haven't gotten any bad evaluations so I guess I'm doing ok, I just have a little lack of confidence in myself I guess. I would appreciate any advice anyone on here can offer that may help me feel better about this, I love the OR and I know I want to be there, I'm just not sure if the OR likes me
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  3. by   linda2097
    Practice at home. I'm not kidding. Visualize the whole case step by step at home on an imaginary patient. As you imagine, say each step out loud so it burns into your memory. Do it over and over again until it is second nature.
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  4. by   suzanne4
    Practice, practice, practice. If even just in your head.

    And as the above poster mentioned, you just need to review and review as well. You will find that things get easier. Get a program in your head that you are going to follow each and every time that you enter an OR with your patient, no matter the type of case. You can always decide it is needed for that particular case and leave it off if it is not, but just have mental list in your head of what you need to be doing.

    Postitioning upon entry into the OR, bovie pad next if needed. You have to take things one step at a time, this needs to be done before the Bair Hugger and not all cases require the Bair Hugger as well. Prep needs to be done as soon as the patient is asleep as nothing can get started and the patient draped until this is done.

    It just takes practice. Best of luck to you.
  5. by   linda2097
    Also, before the patient enters the room, put the bovie pad on top of your prep tray so you won't forget to use it.
  6. by   LUVtxNursing
    Hmm...I never even thought of using imagery..but I will try it! Thanks for all the advice, I'm sure it will be fine. Today was a good day, I did 3 Total Knees and despite being a little scattered on the first one I did fine on the other two ! I think some of the problem has been because I haven't been able to get one specialty under my belt before moving on to another, but I have started speaking up and requesting to be put on the cases I have not had much exposure to. Keep the great advice coming, I sure can use it and appreciate it very much!!