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I am taking this from an older post: "It's common for me to work a 7-7 shift, have call starting at 11 that night, call ends at 7 am, and i start regular shift at 7 am." Ok.. so let me get this straight.. this person... Read More

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    PACU invader here. I love the call. It's a good way to make money and have some fun. You never know what kind of interesting case will come up. In our unit we'll often be on Friday night through Monday morning. If it's really busy you can indeed get exhausted, but fortunately that's pretty rare.

    I once got maybe 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours though. Every time I'd get home and in bed I'd get called back in. That was rough at the tail end. We wanted to cry when the ICU was full and we were going to have to hold the last patient indefinitely. Fortunately the patient had become quite stable and we got him downgraded to PCU and got him transferred.

    I will say I feel bad for the OR folks on those really lengthy call shifts when it's non-stop cases without a chance for a decent break. Us PACU types have a much easier time escaping to the lounge for a snack, and we can have drinks in a designated corner of the unit.

    If you're going to take a lot of call it's nice to be close the hospital. I used to live about 30-40 minutes away and would have to haul butt to get there in a timely manner. Now I'm 10-15 minutes away and I have to drag my feet to give the rest of the team time to arrive.

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