Anyone have picture of the shoulder head positioner?

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    For the life of me I can't remember what its called, and I need a picture of it!!

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    Are you talking about a halo?
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    Never heard it called that, its more horseshoe shaped?
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    Check Amsco head holders/positioners. Probably different manufacturers out there. Google Amsco.
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    The Schlein shoulder positioner? Frees up the shoulder for rotator cuff surgery, but has a cradle for the head to be secured.
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    It is called a Mayfield headrest by Ohio Inst Company. It has several attachments that let you either use the horseshoe, headrest or even Raney skull pins. I don't have a camera but I am sure this is what you are referring to. We use this on any shoulder procedure where the arm needs to swing freely.
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    We use a McConnell shoulder positioner and there is a round gel covered headrest that can move from right to left.

    The other place used one we called the beach chair, and that head rest had velcro straps and kind of looked like a helmet....
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    This is part of the Mcconnel system.
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    Good job, WitchyRN! I think this is the one the OP was referring to. I believe the Mayfield is used primarily for neuro cases.
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    The Schlein is similar to the beach chair positioner that you were describing, WitchyRN. We have not used the McConnell positioner, but love their arm holder!

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