Advantage and disadvantages of theatre nursing

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    I really want to know what it feels like as a theatre nurse. What are the advantage and disadvantages of been a theatre nurse.

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    On or off Broadway?
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    Operating Room Nursing

    Here is a forum for OR.
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    Quote from Ruas61
    Operating Room Nursing

    Here is a forum for OR.
    Ok, I SERIOUSLY thought "what the heck is a theatre nurse??" I imagined Green Room first aid...?!

    thanks for the heads up
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    I work in an OR and had absolutely no idea what a theatre nurse was
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    Haha. What country are you from OP? OR nursing is often referred as theatre nursing in NZ/Australia/UK.

    Anyway I'm a "theatre" nurse in Australia for the last 10ish years.

    What's it like? Love it. I'm a circulator/scrub nurse. It's nothing like the floor nursing.
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    Advantage: one pt at a time. The feeling of fixing they're problems. 99% of the time it's a very controlled environment, even in emergencies very rarely do I feel overwhelmed unlike the ward where one little hiccup can stuff your whole shift up.

    Disadvantages: long delays sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing some of my nursing skills but as one nurse told me "you can put a or nurse back on the floor and they'll survive but you can't throw a floor nurse in to the or".

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