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ACLS a requirement for RN's?

  1. 0 Just curious. Does your OR require you to have ACLS? And for a friend of mine, do you have to have ACLS in order to administer IV Conscious Sedation? I am saying yes.

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    No, mine has never required it. There is no current policy that requires an RN in the OR to have ACLS cert to administer CS. The other hospital I work at does though. I had my ACLS for two years and let it lapse because it wasn't needed and I had no use for it.
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    RNFA's are required to have it.
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    Our area hospitals require OR to be ACLS certified. Recent JCAHO results for these hospitals indicated that OR/OB personnel need to be ACLS certified.
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    Quote from sirI
    Our area hospitals require OR to be ACLS certified. Recent JCAHO results for these hospitals indicated that OR/OB personnel need to be ACLS certified.
    That is interesting since we go through our JACHO with flying colors everytime and that is a non-issue. I would like to know why this is seemed a need? Yes, I can see for PACU or maybe OB, but here we have a in-house anesthesiologist and they are but a phone call away. I have been giving a low dose CS for almost 30 years with no problems. I know my limitations and never give what the surgeon wants anyway because they always want to overmedicate anyways. I think JACHO percieves in your area that this is the norm but not necessarily the required. Every area is different and if it were required here I would have no problem with it. The ACLS class was somewhat fun, but stressful in some sorts. My instructors made it very low keyed. My question is if you don't use your knowledge on a regular basis, such as ED or ICU units, then you tend to lose your skills and then what good is having it! I know nurses who have had it for many years and have yet to use their skills in an OR setting. Usually, if not all the time, codes are run by code teams from either ED or ICU thus eliminating the need of the OR nurse to perform no more than record keeping or compressions. Also, anesthesia is present as well as a ED MD who conduct all aspects of drug pushing. Any nurse with a basic knowledge of emergency drugs can push whatever they are told to push and not really have to have the ACLS cert, because 95% of the time they really aren't responsible for conducting the code. I myself have been in on many, many codes over the years and have seen this happen so many times. So this is why I feel having ACLS is nice but really not necessary in the OR. Not all MDs have the skills or knowledge for running a code, but anesthesia should have these skills and if they don't, then I really feel bad for the crew. This only my opinion and I am sure someone out there can shoot holes through, but that is OK I haven't changed my opinion in 30 years and I doubt it will now.
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    Our OR just passed JACHO too and ACLS was not an issue for the RNs. I probably won't bother with it myself unless I go for RNFA in a couple of years.
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    I am ACLS certified too, but will likely let it lapse next time. I have never had need of it in the O.R., as anesthesia runs the codes. If working in an out-patient facility giving conscious sedation though, I would highly recommend it. (and it is probably a requirement)
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    i can only speak on the or itself in my facility; currently our rns who give conscious sedation are required to have current acls. there is also a clinical ladder program that requires it to advance to the next step on every step. our charge nurses are also required to be current. having said that; most the rns at in our or do have their acls.
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    Thanks to all who have responded to my question. I used to be a Paramedic so I have had ACLS for many years. There are only a couple of us in our OR that do have ACLS and are the only ones who give Conscious Sedation (other than the CRNA's of course).

    Our director is now having some of the other RN's take ACLS. Ones who have never had it before and have been there for more than 20 years. I guess so that more of us will be able to give CS.
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    Old thread, but I just got mine today. It was free through my hospital( had to buy the book-$35) and the instructor who usually does it is fantastic. Very good experience and I'm glad I have it.

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