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Walden has started new a new FNP and AGNP enrolling now for start date in Sept, Oct, and Dec. hope this is helpful to people that are interested.... Read More

  1. by   FNP-2-BE
    Directly from the Walden Website....

    "Walden enrollment advisors can provide guidance relating to the state-by-state requirements for practice as a nurse practitioner; however, it remains the individual’s responsibility to understand, evaluate, and comply with all requirements relating to the practice as a nurse practitioner in the state in which he or she intends to practice as requirements vary widely. Walden makes no representations or guarantee that completion of Walden coursework or programs will permit an individual to obtain state licensure, authorization, endorsement, or other state credential. For more information about the requirements to practice as a nurse practitioner, students should contact the appropriate Board of Nursing or state agency."

    I have looked into this program due to its convenience, but have decided to stay put where I am and finish out my brick and mortar education. I know I will not have any problems with any state and/or country I may decide to go, but would with most online educations. I already spoke with people in various HR departments to help aid my decision and the general consensus was that they would hire an NP with a traditional educational degree as opposed to an NP with an online degree. This will probably be the way to go in 15-20 years when everyone else catches up with the notion, but as for now, I would rather be well versed in diagnosing and treating people and I don't think online is the way to go for such. Unless, of course you have $80,000 to shell out for Georgetown's program. Lol.

  2. by   omotzury
    [font=sans-serif]currently we are just waiting on your transcripts to be received. are you still planning to apply for the october 15th start date?
    [font=sans-serif]also, walden was able to clear everything with the state of texas and you will be able to complete your practicum and licensure within the stated.
    [font=sans-serif][color=#454545]thank you,

    [font=sans-serif][color=#454545]this was the email i got from her that texas has been cleared. is that by any chance true??? i am kind of nervous. i just got accepted in an rn-bsn program, should i do that or go to walden's rn-fnp.
  3. by   Mark Hill BSN
    I will be starting in Sept. as well....My email is hillsbadhabit.mark@gmail.com. A small group is a good idea.
  4. by   Mark Hill BSN
    I have done extensive research on this matter of accreditation....As long as Walden is regionally accredited with the CCNE then you can sit for the state board in Mississippi and most other states. Walden's MSN program has been granted the 10 yr accreditation term through the year 2020 which is the longest term awarded to any school. CCNE is the standard.....This does'nt mean you will learn anymore or any less at Walden.....that will be up to the individual. As far asthe schools reputation is concerned....well, I graduated from William Carey University......Has anyone heard of my school? I doubt it. William Carey is one of the highest rated academc schools in the south, but it still does'nt have ANY national reputation to speak of. I assure you when you are practicing as an FNP no one will ask or care where you went to school, as long asyou have your license.
  5. by   mylojoRN
    Hi Mark,

    Have you joined the facebook group for Walden's first FNP cohort. IF not, please do.
  6. by   NurseMeco
    Finally "accepted" my acceptance to Walden's brand new FNP program, starting Sept 4. Excited and scared since it's new, but hopeful that all will work out. Being new, I'm sure there will be some bumps, but hopefully not so bad that we can't be successful. Joined the FB group yesterday. Well, I guess I will be seeing most of you in class on the 4th...good luck to us all.
  7. by   phibeta98
    Just received my acceptnace email for the September 4th FNP Class. Anyone from Tennessee starting in September?
  8. by   FNP-2-BE
    Has anyone done any research for PA in matters of licnesure and being able to sit for licensure? I am confused as to how this online schooling works as I am hearing different things from different people. Any input appreciated!
  9. by   lv2bfit
    So, week one of the program is coming to a close. I must say I am certain I made the right choice. It's challenging, comprehensive, and convenient. The coming weeks are going to be a lot of work, but if it wasn't, I would question the program.
  10. by   FNP-2-BE
    Can anyone help me to find out if I will be allowed to sit for the Boards in Pennsylvania going through Waldens program?
  11. by   Hossman
    Hey can tell me about this please I'm from TX I want to start in Dec. I'm not sure about school yet.
    If you can email me that will be great. drhossman@yahoo.com
    Thank you very much
  12. by   REDvelvetRN
    Did you start the program if so how has it been going? I am looking to start this Demeber 4th 2012?
  13. by   REDvelvetRN
    Can seomone add me to the FB group. My email is ano1502004@yahoo.com
    I am starting December 4th