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Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs - page 20

Walden has started new a new FNP and AGNP enrolling now for start date in Sept, Oct, and Dec. hope this is helpful to people that are interested.... Read More

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    I graduate in August with my MSN-FNP. The completion time, if you double up on your classes and clinical toward the end, is approximately 20 months, if you take one class at a time or part-time you are looking at 2-4 years. I transferred from a brick and mortar (My BSN program) due to time restraints and driving distance. At first, I was a little apprehensive because it was a new program, but I do not regret it because I will be sitting for my boards in October. There is a lot of work involved with the program and is not for the light-hearted or someone looking to squeak by. I am satisfied with the choice and have not had any major problems, just be prepared to dedicate some time to locate your own clinical sites, which was not very difficult either. Another word of advice is to secure a good preceptor that is friendly and knowledgeable! I had a FNP my first two rotations and have a DO and MD for the last two! Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to respond the best I can.
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    Quote from khaell
    from which state are you?
    I believe Walden has a list on their website listing what states approve the program. It is the same list that Georgetown's online FNP program has. It has nothing to do with the schools themselves, but the actual state.
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    Quote from nursekto
    Hi! I'm in the Reading area. I know I am posting almost 2 years from your post...but have you started the program? I am very interested in talking with people from PA!
    I am in PA. I will graduate in August from the FNP program.
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    hi abdulsaeiRN, I'm also from El Paso Tx. Couple of questions. Where are you doing your clinicals and are the aproved by the state of texas? just started the program at walden and i am concern about what I am reading of the isssues in texas. Thanks
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    Quote from sejas78
    hi abdulsaeiRN, I'm also from El Paso Tx. Couple of questions. Where are you doing your clinicals and are the aproved by the state of texas? just started the program at walden and i am concern about what I am reading of the isssues in texas. Thanks
    Hi sejas78! I am from harlingen tx and starting the agnp program on sept2. I did all my research before going through with my application and I did call the texas bon and they said walden graduates are allowed to sit for licensure in the state of texas. As for clinicals, I have already spoken to a number of clinicians (mostly family and geri doctors) and thy said yes that I can do my clinical hours in their respective clinics and do rounds with them in the nursing home. It helps to have connections with clinicians already. They list allowed clinical sited on the clinical site form. Let me know how you are doing with your program. I'm glad to find a fellow texan! I'm already doing the orientation program modules.
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    i began on june. so far so good. i am having dificulty finding clinicians. I hope to find some.
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    Kingsu200- off topic, but you are in MD as well? why is MD not listed as a state on the site? I see Walden is listed on MD BON site until 2015, can you provide any guidance? Thanks SO much
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    Hi Mark,

    [FONT=Open Sans, verdana, sans-serif]Congratulations! I am also a student at Walden University. I will be starting clinical in Dec 2014 and plan on taking two practicum course at a time. I understand I will have to submit a petition form . My question is what exactly do they want to see on the form? I read from your previous post that you did submit a petition form. What did you write on the section that states "what outcome are you seeking". Your input will be greatly appreciated.
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    Quote from bushrn75
    How long are each class? 10 weeks? Can you double up?
    The classes are 6 weeks long and they won't let you double up unfortunately. I wish they would because some of the classes are a breeze. Sometimes you may have 2 or 3 classes at a time per quarter. They will automatically sign you up for the classes for your next course. I love Walden and I am so glad I chose to attend this university online.
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    Hello, I am starting the acute care nurse practitioner program through Walden U all online in Dec 2014. Does anyone know if they are for sure recognized by the Texas Higher Education Board. I see they are CCNE certified and meet and teach all required subjects. Please fill me in thanks
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    Where is the clinical site form that shoes approved clinicians? I am starting in Dec. and I am concerned about having all my I's dotted and T's crossed. I appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks: Lydia
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    Does anyone know how many courses you can take at a time?