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Walden has started new a new FNP and AGNP enrolling now for start date in Sept, Oct, and Dec. hope this is helpful to people that are interested.... Read More

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    Quote from Mark Hill BSN
    No....the first quarter will consist of only 2 classes, one is 6 weeks and one is 12 weeks. Only after the first quarter, if you have maintained a B average, can you petition to take 3 classes. Keep in mind that the 6 week class and the 12 week class will be more than enough to keep you busy for the quarter...I assure you. I tried to take three classes the first quarter and was not allowed. Also...the 6 week course is the harder of the two classes and it sets the tone for the rest of program...it is very writing intensive. Unless you have come from a very writing intensive background, these courses will be very overwhelming to you, as they are everyone at first. My advice is to bone up on APA format and buy PERRLA software to make your life easier.
    Mark , your response is greatly appreciated . I'm happy to hear I won't have to juggle that amount of work my first semester back in school on top of working full time . Btw I surely don't have an intensive background in writing . Again thank you ;-)

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    Hey guys, just got accepted into the June 2013 FNP program. I read on another post that the school had yet to receive its approval from the Texas higher education coordinating Board which means any clinicals done in Texas won't count. I'm wondering if any of you guys located in Texas had heard of this, or know if Walden has cleared this up. I'm a travel nurse, currently in San Antonio, next assignment is in Flagstaff, AZ but I plan on doing all my clinicals back in Austin once they start. Just want to make sure I'm not plunking down my hard earned cash for a degree that won't allow me to sit for my boards. I intend to email my advisor about this, I'll update y'all on what she says. Cautiously excited and very optimistic. I've only been a nurse for six years but it took me that long to decide I was ready to go back to school.
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    Quote from JojoTee
    Hi guys! I will be starting FNP school with Walden U next semester (March). I work and live in Texas. Anybody here from the Lone Star State?
    Hi!! I'm from El Paso Texas and I start in march as well
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    Hello all,

    Anybody here from Maryland applied to the FNP program from Walden. Is it true they are not processing any application from Maryland due to not being approve from "higher education" part?
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    I have also been accepted and will start at Walden in June 2013. I am from Texas. I am very excited and wanted to know if it is possible to work full time the first year? I also have applied for student loan, but have not been informed of how much I will receive. Does anyone know how much you get or is it different for everyone. This is the first time I have had to get a student loan.
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    I am also from Texas & starting in less than 2 weeks...nervous & excited! What classes are you in?
    I am working full time & know a couple others in my town that are working ft as well. One in particular started the program in sept '12 & is not planning on quitting her ft job until she starts the clinical portion in August.
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    im not sure of the loan amount but believe me you will have plenty left over. all you have to do is accept the amount that you would like. if you want more or just enough to pay for classes. i am happy that books are included.
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    Quote from Mark Hill BSN
    I took three classes this quarter, and it was a little tough at times but doable. I petitioned to take three courses next term but theytold me that no one would be allowed to take three specialized classes at a time. I will start practicum in June along with advanced pharmacology. In tow weeks I start advanced Patho. and advanced assesment. Should be fun.
    was the evidence based practice like a research class or just providing rationales for procedures in the health care field? i received the practicum manual i have to start working on that. it seems like patho and advanced assessment would be good to take together. BUT what bothers me is it being 5 credits a piece. let me know how it goes. i will continue to check on this blog
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    Walden U is accredited by ANCC and TX BON. I called and inquired myself. I suggest you should do the same for your own peace of mind. With these two, you can sit and take the certification exam for FNP and practice in Texas under ANCC. So, TX residents, we are OK.
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    Thank you so much for the info. I also will be starting in the Summer but I will not be able to quit working and wondered how difficult it will be with working full time. I was only planning on taking 2 classes at a time.

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