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  1. I am a RN in Ohio. I am looking for an online (affordable) FNP program. I have been looking at Walden. I see many positive reviews when it comes to their MSN-educator program, but I have not been able to find any regarding their FNP program. Has anybody started it, almost finished? I would like to start asap due to the fact that I really don't want my DNP. I received my BSN from a well regarded public university and I know people tend to look down on these online degrees. However, Walden has all of the same accreditations that any prestigious school of nursing currently holds. Any advice, opinions?
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    Walden's FNP program just began in September, so no one has even finished their first class- it's a twelve week class and will end in about two and a half weeks.

    Currently, I am in the old style (entire MSN program was revamped when they began offering the NP) nurse educator classes. It's a lot of work crammed into not so much time- weekly discussion post (sometimes two) with required three peer responses and a review/reflect post to sum up the week's discussion from your perspective. Papers are due pretty much every week as well, so be prepared to work your butt off. I would assume the new classes lasting 12 weeks are the same.

    New classes start every 12 weeks, so you should have no problem jumping in pretty quick if you decide to go to Walden.
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    I wonder if Walden students will be allowed to do some of their clinical time with MD preceptorship in the ER or inpatient setting?
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    Based on my discussion with admissions MD or NP are acceptable preceptors.