UPenn Direct Entry BSN/MSN 2014 - page 3

Hi there, I was surprised there wasn't already a thread for those applying to UPenn's direct entry program since the threads from previous years were so active, so I thought I would start one... Read More

  1. by   nikkia827
    I haven't heard yet either. I applied for the Pediatric Primary Care NP. soooo nervous!!
  2. by   JustD16
    I'm anxiously awaiting news as well! For CNM. I'm checking my email entirely too often.
  3. by   susifen
    Nothing yet! I applied for Pediatric Primary Care NP as well.
  4. by   mewei
    Anyone with good news yet? As time goes on I am getting increasingly anxious...
  5. by   srp26251
    Haven't heard from them yet either!
  6. by   hollysf
    I just got my invitation to interview for the CNM specialty. Has anyone else heard?
  7. by   eb86
    Just got invited to interview for PMHNP!
  8. by   mewei
    Got invited to interview for nurse anesthesia!
  9. by   JustD16
    So, does everyone think all the emails have gone out by now?
  10. by   Ltmalli
    Did any Family NP applicants receive their interview offer today?
  11. by   nettles724
    Congratulations to everyone who received their interview invitation email today! Did anyone who applied to the Women's Health NP specialty (not Nurse-Midwifery) hear back about an interview today?
  12. by   cchs
    Got an interview for psych!
  13. by   newmy123
    Has anyone who applied to the Pediatric Acute NP program heard about interviews yet? Anxiously awaiting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you all!