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UPenn Direct Entry BSN/MSN 2014 - page 3

Hi there, I was surprised there wasn't already a thread for those applying to UPenn's direct entry program since the threads from previous years were so active, so I thought I would start one... Read More

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    I haven't heard yet either. I applied for the Pediatric Primary Care NP. soooo nervous!!
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    I'm anxiously awaiting news as well! For CNM. I'm checking my email entirely too often.
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    Nothing yet! I applied for Pediatric Primary Care NP as well.
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    Anyone with good news yet? As time goes on I am getting increasingly anxious...
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    Haven't heard from them yet either!
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    I just got my invitation to interview for the CNM specialty. Has anyone else heard?
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    Just got invited to interview for PMHNP!
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    Got invited to interview for nurse anesthesia!
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    So, does everyone think all the emails have gone out by now?
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    Did any Family NP applicants receive their interview offer today?
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    Congratulations to everyone who received their interview invitation email today! Did anyone who applied to the Women's Health NP specialty (not Nurse-Midwifery) hear back about an interview today?
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    Got an interview for psych!
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    Has anyone who applied to the Pediatric Acute NP program heard about interviews yet? Anxiously awaiting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you all!