UPenn Direct Entry BSN/MSN 2014 - page 3

Hi there, I was surprised there wasn't already a thread for those applying to UPenn's direct entry program since the threads from previous years were so active, so I thought I would start one where this year's applicants could... Read More

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    Thank you! That was really encouraging and helpful! I was starting to think about the cost for upenn too since I'm out of state and still have loans to pay. Are you in the primary pediatrics NP program? I'm just guessing because of your username. If so, how is it? I want to pursue PNP too!

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    Thanks mewei. Apparently my phone abbreviated that email and only showed me the first half. Definitely helpful to read the whole thing!
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    hi tanya! i am indeed in the PNP program, and it's awesome! i've loved all of my peds classes, and the professors are very open to connecting me and providing me with outside opportunities. upenn is a private school, so your costs as an out of state student are no different than if you are in-state. feel free to PM me with more questions.

    also as an overall FYI there's a pretty high interview offer rate. i think around 70% of applicants get offered an interview. it's the admissions offer spot that is pretty competitive. i think it's around a 20-25% acceptance rate after the interview.
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    Did anyone hear about interviews yet?
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    Nothing yet, I applied for Family NP. What specialty did you apply for?
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    No word yet...
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    I haven't heard yet either. I applied for the Pediatric Primary Care NP. soooo nervous!!
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    I'm anxiously awaiting news as well! For CNM. I'm checking my email entirely too often.
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    Nothing yet! I applied for Pediatric Primary Care NP as well.
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    Anyone with good news yet? As time goes on I am getting increasingly anxious...

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