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  1. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    Yes, I am in my practicum now. It sure is taking a lot of time to complete. How many objectives (and how many sub-objectives) have you had to do? I have five objectives, with at least 4-5 sub-objectives to complete and it is taking me way longer than 60 hours to complete, in my opinion. It seems like it has turned into a way bigger project than I ever imagined. Any others feel the same? I am due to start 590B on Nov. 11th and I am scrambling to get all of the stuff done! How much does the journal weigh in terms of total points? What happens if you don't complete all of the objectives, or only partially complete all of the objectives? What if you mentor disappears and doesn't cooperate with you? What do you do or what did you do? PM me if necessary.
  2. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    So, how did things turn out for you?
  3. by   dlynn0366
    i found that the journal was not actually given points but the instructor when you submitted would sometimes ask you to elaborate on how you actually met your objectives. i know my instructor wanted the journal to be fairly detailed.
    also as far as meeting your objectives when you start 590b it is in big bold letters that if you have not met all your objectives you are not able to start, this is from the syllabus

    if you have not completed your 60 hours for this msn practicum class and all your practicum contract objectives and evidence of accomplishments/evaluations, please call your academic advisor immediately as you should not be in this class. you cannot schedule nur/590b until all practicum hours are completed and all objectives and evidence of accomplishments have been accomplished, because the two-week timeframe will not be enough time for you to finish everything that is required of you.
  4. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    Thanks, but I have the syllabus and know what it says. I was asking for experiences and what to expect.
  5. by   dlynn0366
    I know that with the instructor I had for part B we had to have met all our objectives prior to starting part B with no exceptions. In part A as part of the journal as you are doing now one of the requirements is to show where the objectives have been met in the approved learning contract. My understanding is once the contract was approved the objectives have to be met and you cannot change the actual contract. I know that you don't have to take part B when scheduled if not ready, my advisor called me 1-2 weeks a head to check and actually called me the day before to make absolutely sure I was ready to start the part B. My practicum also turned out to be more work that I had expected, with 5 learning objectives and 20 learning strategies. I work in a private clinic in Canada that does clinical research and we had no quality assurance program (I did SOPs, quality assurance manuals, PP on Quality Assurance, Audit Checklists, Assessments of CRC knowledge of Quality Assuarance, Chart Review Tools, Education Modules for CRC etc.) so this was what mine was based on: Practicum Goal: 1. To provide nurse clinical research coordinators (CRCs) with the information needed to apply the principles of a quality assurance (QA) program in the clinical setting. 2. To ensure that nurse clinical research coordinators can utilize an audit check system to be applied to different quality assurance procedures in the clinical setting.
  6. by   magnolia nurse
    I went to UoP and asked one of the PhD nurses at my job to mentor me..
    and I also picked the topic of research because that was where I was working.. I would suggest you do the project on something you are interested in or tie it into something you already work with
    My project was on being a nurse researcher, and my project ended up being "the staff nurses proception of research"... and many of the other hospitals in our area wanted to know the results to they change there processes to increase interest..
    Hope that helps
  7. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    I work in research as well. I struggled coming up with a research topic, so I chose an education avenue that had a specific focus on a disease. I felt that I had to fit into a specific mold topic-wise to please the instructor. Unfortunately, I have not enjoyed the practicum at all. I have been stressed with a lot of busy work on a topic that I have held minimal interest in. I start part 590B soon. I will be ready with all the completed objectives, but am more ready to have the whole experience behind me so that I can enjoy my family again.
  8. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    so how did things work out for you?
  9. by   dlynn0366
    I know what you mean I wanted to do my practicum on developing an internet based diabetes education program for our clinic but could not as to evaluate it there would have been patient involvement.
  10. by   springsong
    No, your instructor will not look for her. I did my MSN at UOP online and I have a very nice Practicum B instructor. When you are on this course, make sure that you have all your evidence and other paper works ready because the course is only two weeks and it runs so fast
  11. by   dlynn0366
    Springsong, I also did my MSN with UOP and agree you need to have Practicum A completed before starting Practicum B. I have as I am sure you have read some negatives about doing the practicum i.e you could fake having a mentor etc. The bottom line is who is to say while UOP might not check up on one student they will not the next. Besides we are suppose to be professional adults and I believe this is the assumption UOP goes with and we will follow the rules as such.
  12. by   princesskhym
    Is the practicum by team or individual when you do research?
  13. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    The practicum is completely individual.