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wanted to share... i just found out that uop has a lpn to bsn program in 5 states: phoenix, az tuscon, az sacramento, ca denver, co and one beginning in oklahoma! :w00t:... Read More

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    Hi everyone,

    my husband is 7 weeks away from geting his lvn i have been lookin at schools for him. Here in CA things are a bit crazy, maybe it's the same way all around the country. it seems that he can't get in any of the anatomy, physio and micro classes so we have been looking all around for schools, even as far as St Kitts

    Anyway i came across UOP and i have a question for the students in it already. Can he take human growth and development at a community college or does it have to be through uop?

    We are looking at the AZ and CO uop. I'm an RN already so we can move where ever needed for him.

    what other classes should he take in order to minimize the General education classes he would have to take w/ uop? (he has intro to psy, intro to sos, developmental psy, history, spanish, english, pol sci,)

    any help or info is more than welcomed.

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    Quote from NICUrn2B
    isn't there an LVN/LPN to BSN program with UOP in Hawaii too? I think so...

    Correct me if I'm wrong please :smackingf
    Yes, there is one in Hawaii. Practically every LPN in my hospital goes there.
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    Can anyone share their experiences with this program? I have a BA already and just graduated with a LPN certificate. I'm exploring every option and don't mind relocating.
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    WOW, that's amazing. I wish there was a program in my state!! Does anyone know if the lpn-bsn online through Indiana State is OK??
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    I hear ISU is good but not accepted everywhere. Call your state board for verification.
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    Quote from alpha_dog
    Hello fellow Nurses!

    I am a new LVN grad with just about 2 months experience working at a Subacute Pediatric facility. I wanted to get some feedback regarding "Online" LVN-BSN programs. For those of you who have that experience online...please share...Reason being is that I got accepted into an "Online" LVN-BSN program at Chico State University. I would start in Fall 2008 if I accept. A friend of mine who graduated with me from my VN Program also got accepted so we'd have eachother as study buddies throughout the program. I want to get feedback and other ppl's opinions because I want to make sure I am making the right decision. What was your experience going through an LVN-BSN program online? Or what is your opinion on "online" lvn-bsn programming?

    Thank you in advance!!!

    I have to let the director of nursing know by May 17th of my decision.
    OMG yes! Take the spot at Chico State! I'm actually from Chico and went to Chico State for two years before I moved to Southern CA. Chico State is one of the best programs in the nation; DO NOT turn this down! It's especially cheap, only 8,000 for the whole program, which is going to be a fraction of what online LVN-BSN programs will offer. Many nursing students would kill for a spot in any BSN program, let alone Chico State.
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    Quote from zaylee
    Contact a UOP rep. Tuition is $10,000 per year. They'll set you up with a finacial officer for Pell grant, student loans... I think I payed $130 to start the process. No entrance exam but an interview with the vice president. Go for it. It's 3 yrs of intense work. Very stessful but we had a lot of fun too. The instructors were great.
    Is that 3 years full time? Did you already have the pre-reqs and general ed credits? I need a program no longer than 2 years.
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    ok people here is the deal,

    i am in my last 6 months of the lvn-bsn program at the modesto (ca) campus of university of phoenix (uopx). all pre-requisites must be 5 years or newer or your will be forced to retake them. you will be told that you will never need to buy a book in this school. that is a flat out lie.

    i got most of my pre-req's to transfer and it still cost me a little over 35k for the 3-4 years of classes. classes meet once a week with clinical being 1-2 more days a week depending on instructor availability. the program here in cal is the newest (i think), and they are having a ton of issues with finding and keeping professors.

    the school is currently switching new classes over to ati testing for exit exams. almost all clinical classes have a pass/fail test at the end of them.

    be very careful and double check everything for yourself that the staff at a uopx school tells you, most of them are well-meaning but don't know jack. i truly cannot wait to finish school in dec and never have to see these people again.
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    hello I just wanted to find out how the nurses that graduate from University of Phoenix LPN to BSN program are regarded by employers? Is this a good program? thank you in advance.
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    Quote from debadee
    hello I just wanted to find out how the nurses that graduate from University of Phoenix LPN to BSN program are regarded by employers? Is this a good program? thank you in advance.
    When I called & inquired bout dis program, they told me its not Lpn to RN & dat it's RN to BSN even tho it says Lpn on ad

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