Tidewater Community College-hopefuls application July 2014

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    This is a new tread for anyone applying July 15, 2014 for TCC Nursing program.
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    Hey I made a thread too and I'm reapplying myself!
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    awesome!!! if you don't mind asking, what was your gpa, and hesi test. This is my first time applying, so I am blind about the whole application process.
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    I have a 3.4 gpa for prereqs and a 75% on my hesi. What about u?
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    my overall gpa is 3.6 my hesi was 77. Hopefully I will be graduating this coming fall, maybe that will help. I am also taking my CPR class in a couple weeks, they require it one you are selected, so i decided to take it before so they can see that i am really interested.
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    are you dropping your application July 15?
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    That's good! And yes I will be dropping it off that day. I just have to update my grades and turn in a letter that they require when reapplying again. I really pray I get in this time around. Are u applying for the day or new evening program?
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    I am applying for the day. I am a mother of 3, so i really want to be home after school. I really hope we get the acceptance letter.
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    Yea I'm applying for the day classes too. U have any backup plans?
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    Yes, I am applying if not accepted at TCC, to Riverside in January, and ODU February, and again to TCC(spring 2015), i will look into Sentara. I am really hopeful that i will get in I have many classes that are for my bachelors, I have chemistry, statistics, precalculus, Art, CPR,medical terminology, etc.. I am going to volunteer to Princess Anne or CHKD after this semester.
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