St. Louis University AGMSN Fall 2013

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    Anyone else out there accepted to this program?? Let me know, classes are starting on August 26, 2013. Looking for others that are moving to St. Louis for this program.

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    How long did it take them to let you know you were accepted!? What were your credentials?
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    They contacted me by phone approximately 2-3 weeks after I had submitted all materials letting me know I had been accepted. Are you trying to get into Fall 2013?


    3.2 GPA
    Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
    Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management
    13 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist
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    Yes, I am. I am hoping to hear back from them before July 1, to give myself more time to prepare to move.

    3.71 GPA
    BS biology-Recent graduate.
    Years of healthcare experience, work & volunteer
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    Good Luck!! Have you found any other boards with people interested or accepted? I can not seem to connect with anyone.

    Are you applying for any scholarships or any other form of assistance for this expensive program?
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    No I haven't. This is all I've found. Weird, right?
    Ill do it off of loans, and then scholarships if I receive any.

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    Hello, I was recently accepted to the program. I am in town this weekend to take a look at the city and the campus.
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    That's awesome! I haven't visited the city quite yet but I'm moving up from Texas in July. I have already rented a place a Majestic Stove Lofts.
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    Wow! I used to live in Texas before moving to Columbus, Ohio 2 years ago. Those lofts are nice. They have a lot of them within miles from campus. I should have done more research before visiting. I am still contemplating on whether to live in the city or the suburbs. The school is very nice and welcoming.
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    I have been accepted & moved to the city about 2 weeks ago. Are there any forums for the new group to meet each other???

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