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St. Louis University AGMSN Fall 2013

  1. 0 Anyone else out there accepted to this program?? Let me know, classes are starting on August 26, 2013. Looking for others that are moving to St. Louis for this program.
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    How long did it take them to let you know you were accepted!? What were your credentials?
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    They contacted me by phone approximately 2-3 weeks after I had submitted all materials letting me know I had been accepted. Are you trying to get into Fall 2013?


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    Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
    Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management
    13 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist
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    Yes, I am. I am hoping to hear back from them before July 1, to give myself more time to prepare to move.

    3.71 GPA
    BS biology-Recent graduate.
    Years of healthcare experience, work & volunteer
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    Good Luck!! Have you found any other boards with people interested or accepted? I can not seem to connect with anyone.

    Are you applying for any scholarships or any other form of assistance for this expensive program?
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    No I haven't. This is all I've found. Weird, right?
    Ill do it off of loans, and then scholarships if I receive any.

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    Hello, I was recently accepted to the program. I am in town this weekend to take a look at the city and the campus.
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    That's awesome! I haven't visited the city quite yet but I'm moving up from Texas in July. I have already rented a place a Majestic Stove Lofts.
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    Wow! I used to live in Texas before moving to Columbus, Ohio 2 years ago. Those lofts are nice. They have a lot of them within miles from campus. I should have done more research before visiting. I am still contemplating on whether to live in the city or the suburbs. The school is very nice and welcoming.
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    I have been accepted & moved to the city about 2 weeks ago. Are there any forums for the new group to meet each other???
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    I don't think there are any forums yet. I suppose we will meet each other at the orientation next Thursday. I'm excited for classes to begin.
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    What do you think of the city so far? I've been here since the end of July and it has been nice to see the city and relax a little before classes begin.
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    I am in aswell....getting very intimidated about all of the readings/work already popping up on blackboard...Congrats everyone and welcome to the city!!...i have lived in STL most of my in the suburbs now and not looking forward to the long commute in the mornings....traffic is terrible!! Hopefully we can all meet up at the Orientation on the 22nd!