San Joaquin Delta College Fall 2017 - page 6

Hi everybody, I decided to make a thread for everyone applying to SJDC's nursing program for the Fall 2017 semester. This is a good space to collaborate and share information, exchange scores, etc... Read More

  1. by   nat2020
    Congrats Marie_6 and ikazemi91!
    I got in too! I can't believe it!
  2. by   adriang
    I was accepted ! glad you were too!
  3. by   nat2020
    And for all future applicants - because I know i have spent hours looking to see other people's points, I had 79 points on the application.
  4. by   Kdevinva26
    congrats guys!! I got in last semester by deferred my enrollment for this fall. I can't wait to meet everyone at orientation.
  5. by   nat2020
    Gosh me either! I'm realizing all I've been worrying about has been just actually getting in, now I'm so excited to do everything we have to do before we actually start. Do you have any idea when orientation might be? I can't wait!
  6. by   Kdevinva26
    Right I get it! No I don't know. I completed everything to begin this semester but didn't start because I was pregnant. I know that getting all of the immunizations completed the way they want to took the longest but they give plenty of time.
  7. by   Marie_6
    Is the program M-F? Any idea how many hours per day? What is the program total cost? What is the cost per semester?

    I emailed this list of questions multiple times but never got a response. Btw, I got in with 71.5 points. I had to take a 10 point deduction for 3 anatomy repeats ( back in the late 90's) and didn't get to claim my degree since it hadn't posted to my MJC transcript during the application period. I was so nervous but glad my 71.5 was enough to get in.
  8. by   ibclcrn856
    I was accepted! Congrats everyone!
  9. by   Kdevinva26
    the program is mon-thursday. Tuesday, Wednesday are clinical days but not for the first few weeks. I think mon and thursday are about 4 hrs days and the others are 8
  10. by   nat2020
    Thank you for the info Kdevinva26! That helps, its nice to have some sort of idea in my head about what its going to be like. And now I know it just posted today but I already can't wait for them to send us the list of everything we need to get done!
  11. by   Kdevinva26
    If you want you can go to SJDC nuraing page and hit the link called docushare. Once in there go to adn info and the click 2016 cohort materials. This information is for the last class but it shows you the list of things that you will need, just jump
    keep in mind that the due dates aren't for our class.
  12. by   Javila424
    Where did you get botifed by email
  13. by   Javila424
    Hi im wondering what you had on your teas