PBSC 2017 Fall Nursing Program (RN)

  1. I am starting this thread for anyone who wants to talk about the nursing program and has any questions, or advice about getting into the program for this fall 2017. The deadline is June 1st. I am doing the CNA program right now to get an extra point on the point system for the application, and last term I also completed the Critical thinking of nursing class to get another extra point. I am really nervous I am praying to get in this term as I'm sure many of you are too. The acceptance scores for the past two terms was: 23.46 points for fall 2016, and 23.28 for spring 2017. Also I found this next score online on all nurses, I hope it is accurate, 2015 fall was 24.14. Anyways Good luck to everyone!! let me know when you guys start on our application everyone do not forget to attend an info session and if it has been over a year since you attended one you MUST attend another!! the next one is JANUARY 25TH WEDNESDAY AT 4PM. You can go to the school website and type in nursing application and the room number will be on there for the meeting location, no you do not have to RSVP you only have to show up on time there are only A LIMITED amount of seats available.
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  3. by   missclaudiae
    I'm also hoping to start Fall 2017, my situation is a little different I'm an Lpn going for the transition program, but in general I know the entire process is very nerve-racking. Thanks for starting this thread!
  4. by   brittany9211
    I am applying for fall of 2017 as well! So excited to apply! have you taken hesi yet?
  5. by   petagayle
    I'm applying for fall 2017 also but maybe for the Belle Glade campus. I didn't get into Lake Worth spring term, I had 22.16 points. I'm retaking the Hesi so hopefully I'll get an higher score to bump my points up.
  6. by   Amandaeber123
    Let us know how you do!