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I'm almost ready to bite the bullet and enroll with GCU online. I would appreciate any feedback; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm thinking of taking stats through them, too. Has anyone taken stats through them and how... Read More

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    I'm finishing my first class with GCU; Professional Dynamics. You have me nervous for stats! I have a Mac with office and haven't had any issues with sending files. Did you not use GCUs template for APA? I'll look at PERRLA to see what that's all about. Congrats on being almost done!!

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    Do not worry to much, just have a plan in case you need help. The style guide was just "ok". I always had something not quite perfect on my formatting, usually in the reference page. I truly do reccomend the PERRLA program. It will create a database of all your citations that you can just click on to add to another paper. Say you cite your current textbook in a paper two months down the line, using PERRLA you don't have to remember which paper you used it in to do a copy and paste, you'd just click on create a citation then open your database. Point and click.... Love it!

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