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  1. I'm almost ready to bite the bullet and enroll with GCU online. I would appreciate any feedback; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm thinking of taking stats through them, too. Has anyone taken stats through them and how difficult was it?

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   silentRN
    I'm almost done with their RN-BSN program. It definitely keeps you busy all the way through because you have to write papers every week. After awhile it just becomes second nature. It's worth doing just to get your BSN knocked out of the way and then you'll never have to worry about it again. It's the equivalent of 3 semesters compared to the 5 more that both Northern Arizona and Arizona State Universities wanted me to take. I also get an employee discount so it ends up being cheaper.
  4. by   silentRN
    If you want more email, go ahead and email @ this addy
  5. by   CBsMommy
    I've liked it so far. They walk you through everything, they make sure everything is in order prior to you starting classes and it's just a year long. It is a bit busy but so far, it hasn't been hard. I'm a little worried about the statistics class myself but I'm hoping and praying that I will make it through that class. LOL Good luck and I would recommend it!
  6. by   nrsyann
    Thanks for the replies! I am starting a new job and will be working a .8. Do you guys work and find you are able to get it all done?
    CBsMommy, you haven't taken stats yet? I think that will be the first class I take.

    Thanks again!
  7. by   CBsMommy
    Hi nrsyann -

    Yes, I work and am also a single mom. Everyone in my class works as well. You have to be dedicated but you can make it work. The way GCU online works is they set the program up for you. So, I'm not going to be taking stats until my 4th class and there's nothing I can do about it (trust me, it would've been the last class for me if I had my choice). LOL

    But it's still a really good program and the instructor and classmates that I am working with are great. Good luck and let us know which way you choose to go!
  8. by   nrsyann
    I start on the 27th with Professional Dynamics. I'm excited and nervous to start! I think this will be a good fit though. It's going to be fast and furious, but then I will be DONE!
  9. by   nursingilove
    I am thinking about applying to the university, I am going to keep checking in to see what peeps are saying about them.
  10. by   silentRN
    I just finished the program. I'm actually really glad I did and knocked it out of the way. I don't regret doing it now that I'm done.
  11. by   Cr8zyamy
    6 weeks 4 days from finishing. I recommend finding a local tutor for statistics. I still can't believe I passed it, I don't understand any of what I did in that class. A tutor is well worth the money. Look in to a program called PERRLA you can find it online. Awesome program for formatting papers into APA, it is an add-in program for Word. I recommend using a PC rather than MAC operating system, you have to submit your work as word files. I have had some great instructors and a couple not so great ones. Lisa Zamudio is a gem. My work has all been online as I am an out of stater. It goes very fast and you do need to be dedicated. I work full time and a mother of three. My house is a wreak as is my waist but I will have my Big Sexy Nurse degree in 6 weeks and 4 days. Gym time starts in 7 weeks.
  12. by   nrsyann
    I'm finishing my first class with GCU; Professional Dynamics. You have me nervous for stats! I have a Mac with office and haven't had any issues with sending files. Did you not use GCUs template for APA? I'll look at PERRLA to see what that's all about. Congrats on being almost done!!
  13. by   Cr8zyamy
    Do not worry to much, just have a plan in case you need help. The style guide was just "ok". I always had something not quite perfect on my formatting, usually in the reference page. I truly do reccomend the PERRLA program. It will create a database of all your citations that you can just click on to add to another paper. Say you cite your current textbook in a paper two months down the line, using PERRLA you don't have to remember which paper you used it in to do a copy and paste, you'd just click on create a citation then open your database. Point and click.... Love it!