Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm planning to apply for the HRSA NurseCorp Scholarship this year. I figured I would go ahead and start the next thread for this award year. I'm currently finishing up some of my prereqs and will be starting my BSN program in June. I know the application date hasn't been released yet but from what I have seen on other threads, it should be opened sometime in March/April with a deadline in May. I've also read that the prompt questions have been the same from one award year to the next so I have begun working on them as well as trying to figure out who I would like to use as recommendations. I would love to hear from all who plan to apply this year.
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  3. by   Taniqued
    Hello, same here. I have just started my accelerated BSN program in January 2018. Looking forward to being a nurse corps scholarship recpient this year. Also awaiting app cycle to open up. Let's keep each other posted. Thanks for initiating!