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Hello I wanted to know if anyone was thinking about attending the 2018 NJCU cohort for nursing in September 2018? Also has anyone graduated or currently in? I have one last prereq to do which is... Read More

  1. by   Dianaju
    @Uniquezapata Hi there. There actually was an info session back in April or May of this year but i did not attend. My biggest fear is the Hesi Entrance exam for now. It's like a do or die situation. I have to pass i just don't know what to expect and how hard it is.
  2. by   Uniquezapata
    @dianaju hey thanks for the reply. Yes that's my biggest thing as well! I am an alumni from njcu so I wonder if that helps with anything.
  3. by   Dianaju
    You would think it would help but from the previous posts doesn't look like it. I read that they look at the Hesi score and application as a whole. But hopefully we can score above an 80 on the test and have other things on our application to help us
  4. by   Uniquezapata
    Oh geez @dianaju I hope we get in *fingers crossed* I wonder if there will be a lot of applicants. I know they had an information session last Thursday but I couldn't attend cause they posted the Registration 2days before and I had EMT Duty that day. I called and asked if they are having another one they said last one for this year is sometime in the fall. Is NJCU the only school you're applying to or do you have other options?
  5. by   Dianaju
    @Uniquezapata I wonder if there is a lot of applicants too . I pretty much put all my marbles in this basket because of it only bring 12 months long. I seen other programs that were longer and more expensive. They also sent that info session email litteraly 2 days before which I don't understand why. That doesn't give people enough time to adjust.
  6. by   Uniquezapata
    @dianaju yes I agree no time to request off. Hopefully in the fall they give advance notice since I'm taking my last prerequisite (microbiology). Yes I was looking at fairleigh Dickinson but it's expensive and it's 19 months. Where did you get your undergrad in and in what major.
  7. by   Dianaju
    @Uniquezapata Yea i am taking my last class of Microbiology too in the fall, Semester ends 12/22. So hopefully it post to my transcript in time to submit all my college work through the nursing website. I looked into Fairleigh, Thomas edison, and Felician but 1. it was either too long or 2. expensive. and also those other programs wants more prereqs to be done
  8. by   Uniquezapata
    @dianju yes I'm in the same boat but I think we should be good since deadline is February. And I totally agree, and I believe felician is same prerequisites except it's 19months and expensive.
  9. by   Dianaju
    Hi Dvl36 was just thinking about you. Did you start the program yet?
  10. by   Dianaju
    Hey Guys the application is open and starting to go over a few things. I can't believe the time is here now.
  11. by   Uniquezapata
    Hey @dianaju are you going to the information session October 26 Thursday at 5pm? Have you signed up to take the Hesi? Do you know any information about the program such as how the schedule would look like?
  12. by   Dianaju
    Hey @Uniquezapata No I don't think I can make it to the information session at that time due to work. I have however signed up for the Hesi mid February . I'm still talking my last Pre rec that ends 12/16
  13. by   Uniquezapata
    Yes I'm taking microbiology right now then I should be done. Are we supposed to take Hesi before the deadline? @dianaju