My advice for people applying to the rio Hondo nursing program

  1. Hey guys! I am currently a second year ADN student at rio Hondo college. It's been a long, tough road but I'm about to graduate in May! A lot of you ask about rio Hondos point system before getting in. There is a list of things that you can do to increase your chances of getting into rio Hondo and you can find it on the rio Hondo website. I knew my prerequisite grades weren't great so I tried to do everything on the list to make up for that. I got in first try after completing everything I could do on the point list. They do not tell you how many points each item is worth so I tried to do everything. Here is what I had that got me into the program.

    AA in mathematics and sciences from rio hondo
    B's in anatomy, physiology and microbiology (do not bother applying if you have C's in theses prerequisites they will throw out your application)
    EMT license
    CNA license (I threw in a paystub to show that I worked as one)
    I took up to Spanish III at rio Hondo to count as bilingual
    100 hours of volunteer work at my local hospital
    A letter of hard life experiences
    And a letter saying I was a first generation college student

    My friend who did everything with me from science prerequisites, Spanish classes, and EMT class had everything the same as me besides the CNA license got put on the alternate list but she ended up getting in at the end too.

    i believe it took like a month or two to get the acceptance letter and they tell you when to take the TEAS at rio Hondo. Some people didn't pass the TEAS so more alternates took their place. I passed the first try and then had to take the summer fundamentals class. To continue on in each nursing class you have to get a 75% or above. After fundamentals you take medsurg 1 and pharmacology. The next semester you take OB and pediatrics. The 16 week semester is divided into 8 weeks for peds and 8 weeks for OB. The next semester you take 8 weeks of psychiatric health and pharmacology 2 and the next 8 weeks you take neurology. This last semester I'm in I'm taking medsurg 2 for the first 8 weeks and the last 8 weeks you take leadership and preceptorship. Preceptorship you are assigned to a nurse at a hospital and you do their shifts with them and follow them around. If you get below a 75% in any of these classes you are thrown out of the program. You have to then reapply again and wait for the class to come around again (since they are only offered once a year) that you failed to hop back in the program. A 75%-82% counts as a C, 83%-89% is a B and of course 90% and up an A. That's about it I believe if you have any questions feel free to ask! Rio Hondo nursing students class of 2014 baby!
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  3. by   Pb&j711773
    Thanks for the info! I'm applying for the second time and this time around I made sure to include all the extras I could😀
    Congrats on your (soon to be) completion!
  4. by   nursinggirl11
    I am at Rio Hondo right now. I am in my first semester Fundamentals.. Any advice academic wise in the program? I would love to hear
  5. by   Missa912
    Thank you so much for this information! I just got accepted to the program this year! I will be starting the ADN 151 course this summer in June. How was this class? Also, I was wondering where are clinicals located? @stunnalady
  6. by   nursinggirl11
    Missa912 I am in it right now. The class is pretty tough, I have no idea how people do it over summer.. because it seems like a lot right now. If I were you I would read the sylabus and read ahead for the first couple chapters, and get familiar with the tests at the end of each chapter. I struggled at first because of the new way to think and the test taking. I did awful on the first test but once you get the hang of it you will be fine. The clinicals are at Whittier Pres, Foothill, and one other one.
  7. by   stunnalady
    I suggest joining study groups! Also make sure you read and read again. Clinical a can be located at so many different places! I was at Whittier hospital, kaiser Baldwin park, children's hospital of LA, PIH in Whittier, Beverly hospital, college hospital, and kaiser Downey.
  8. by   MantaRay15
    What's the schedule like for the clinicals?
  9. by   lizlopez91
    Hello I am not able to find the site were you indicate this list is located! Help!
  10. by   RenzEstavilloGuillen
    Do any of you know if Rio Hondo consider W as repeat?
  11. by   SJBG1212
    I have a BA in Business (change of career), 3.4 in my sciences, first generation college student, and letter stating a family circumstance. I do not have the volunteer hours yet, however, Im wondering if I should try applying now with the stats I have. Does anybody know what my chances look like without the volunteer hours? I cant decide whether or not to wait until theyre completed to apply, or apply now.
  12. by   Rionurse92
    won't hurt you to apply now to see if you will get in, if you don't then start accruing volunteer hours. I'm a former RHC grad and volunteered in USC ER, super fun!