MUSC DNP Fall 2017

  1. Anyone here applied to MUSC Fall DNP program for their FNP track? I'm anxiously awaiting their decision and would help to find somebody going through the same nail biting process.
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  3. by   SCRN060584
    I applied for the DNP but in the AGPCNP track. I'm sharing in the nail biting as well!
  4. by   ItsCatRn
    Well, It's nice to meet someone who is going through it too. Good luck! I hope decisions will be made soon.
  5. by   SCRN060584
    I just e-mailed them to see if they could give me an approximate date that decisions would go out. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  6. by   SCRN060584
    I was told March 15th they should go out. We'll see
  7. by   Kromine
    Good to know! I thought they did interviews? Anyone get an interview or is it based solely on application?
  8. by   mcas
    Hi All
    I'm anxiously waiting as well, all nurses was such a support for me when I was doing my BSN degree 2 years ago, I decided to post here. I called yesterday and was told two weeks from this coming Friday the letters will go out, so March 15 sounds about right, Good Luck Everyone
  9. by   CHELSNURSE
    I am so glad there are others as anxious as me! March 15 does sound accurate, they emailed me back not too long ago stating the middle of the month of March.
  10. by   taylorthompson
    Hey everyone, I also applied and am anxiously waiting! I have a lot of doubts because I am still enrolled in BSN coursework but decided to give it a shot anyways. Good luck, keep me posted if anyone hears anything!
  11. by   redjumpinRN
    I applied for the MSN FNP track and am also waiting anxiously.... couple more days I guess!
  12. by   ItsCatRn
    Anyone get their letters yet? I'm stalking my mailbox like a crazy woman. =D
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  13. by   mcas
    ItsCatRn, I was going to post this today, I was doing the same thing, then I decided to call yesterday, I was told the letters will go out next Tuesday or Wednesday, the Dean has a final "look over" that she has to do before they can be mailed, she's in Liberia and will return on Monday. I was also told this by a friend from the BSN program, that after the letters are mailed out, they will tell you over the phone if you've been accepted while you wait for your letter to arrive, I haven't confirmed that with the CON so don't hold me to it. Hope this eases some anxiety for all, Best of Luck Everyone.
  14. by   mcas
    taylorthompson, I hear that others have been accepted with all kind of scenarios, they really take the whole application into consideration. Your essay and references weight very heavily in the decision. As long as your nursing GPA is decent and you'll be done with your BSN degree by the time you start the program in the Fall, you have as good of a chance as anyone else. Hope that was helpful