Motlow State 2013 Hopefuls

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    Hi, would anyone like to start a thread on getting into Motlow State's Nursing program this fall? I wish everyone luck.

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    Nursinghopeful1028 started should should search under Motlow. I was told we wouldn't find out until the end of April. Last year, they started finding out on 4.5!!!!
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    I ned to know asap! It is driving me crazy. I keep checking my email, hoping for an acceptance letter. Or unfortunately, the other kind of letter.
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    I know, it's driving me crazy, too!
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    I am still checking my email 2-3 times a day. My birthday is at the end of the month, it would be great if I got an email of acceptance on that day. But I would rather want to know before then.
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    I know! Me too! I'm checking my email probably five times a day!
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    Same here - checking my email two or three times.

    I hear Motlow's program is tough.

    Good luck to everyone - I hope we get accepted. If so, I look forward to meeting you all.
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    It's very tough..about to finish my second semester! So ready for a break!
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    Achavez0713, is there anything that you think prospective students should know about this program? For example, where are clinicals, things to be aware of...
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    I got my ACCEPTANCE letter today at 1:35 PM!!!!! Whoooo hoooo! I will be at my 1st choice campus location, too! Yay!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!!

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