Midwestern State University spring 2015 hopeful

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    I have finally gotten everything situated with my classes and GPA to FINALLYYYY apply! I am sending in my application this week, just finished up my chem class with a B thank god. I have a 3.0 GPA for my prerequisites and about 60 to 63 points. What do you think my chances are for getting in? When I talked to my advisor she said if I got a B in chem then I should have no problem but my worrying self doesn't want to wait that long to see. And how long did it take for a response. Application deadline is August 15th. Any helpful advise would be appreciated!!
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    Am also applying for spring 2015. Am taking my last prerequisite, I will be done by the end of summer 2. I will turn my application in on August 11th, very close to the deadline. Am just keeping my hopes high. Do have any oily idea when acceptances are sent out?
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    Did u meet up with the advisor or through emails. I want to go see her so she can calculate my points for me. I don't know the number of points I have. @ Brittward, are you done with all ur prerequisites? I heard the cut off point for fall 2014 was 66 points.
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    I went and met before I took chem this summer and she said if I had a B in chem for the summer I should have no problem. That is my calculation on points so I could be off. I do not know when acceptance letters come or what the cut off will be I am going to email her and see what they are tomorrow I have been at work all week. so I get home and sleep all day after. 12 hour shifts are no joke.
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    and points cut off differ every deadline I have heard people getting in with points in the 50s so I am just applying I have a full term of classes next semester so If I don't get in I can just apply for both MSU and Vernon in the fall.
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    Thanks. Am going to email her as well tomorrow, and schedule a time to see her in the next week or two.
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    Well I emailed her and I have 66 points. More than what I thought! She said she doesn't know the cutoff and they take the highest 70 people then start a waiting list after that. I have many friends that have been in or are in the program and the cutoff is usualllyyy around 60 to 64 points. They say you will know 2 weeks after applications are done but many poeple say it takes like 2 months after applications are done. How many points did she say you have?
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    I haven't submitted my app yet. I emailed her for appointment next week and she hasn't replied yet. I tried to calculate it myself, I was around 68, 69. I don't know if I did it right. I would know by next week. I'll let u know.
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    I have submitted my application to MWSU, but not the nursing school. I'm taking chem for summer 2 right now so I have to wait until that grade comes in to submit the last transcript. I've calculated and I have a 66 with my points but I'm scared that I'm just being over generous with myself... @brittward When was the last time the cutoff was in the 50s? I've spoken to a friend that's in the program there and she told me there are a lot of student she knows that got in with 3.0 science and prereq so I don't know if we're worrying for nothing. XD

    I had a CNA license. I worked while I was being trained for it but not after I received the license because I was still in high school. It's probably wishful thinking, but do you think they will give me the point for that?
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    I was waitlisted for fall 2014. I was offered a spot last week and i accepted it. Good luck. The cut off for fall was 66 points. I had 65. Am starting the program in August. Am so happy. Am finishing my last prerequisite on August 7th.