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  1. Hello All!
    My name is ML and I recently gained some information about Med Life institute. They are an LPN-RN school (with other nursing programs as well) located in Florida which offers an online/blended format way to earn your RN. After speaking to the representative she told me you come to FL for a week take some tests and exams to begin classes then do the rest online. The clinical portion is held in New Jersey at an affiliated hospital then at the end of the program you come back to take some more tests and exit exam. The total program runs about 9 months

    I checked the Florida BON and saw that the school is legit and you can test for you NCLEX RN after passing the courses. This blended format is new however with the first class beginning in August of this year. I was wondering if:

    A. Anyone has any experience with MedLife
    B. Anyone in in the August blended class
    C. Anyone is in the midst of applying to the January 18 class like myself?

    Thanks In Advance to ALL responses.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    “Med-Life Institute in Kissimmee offers two programs. One is accredited, the other is not and neither has as passage rate above 50 percent. Med-Life representatives told 9 Investigates that the rating is based on a student’s first attempt at the license test and that it offers free tutoring to students in need of extra assistance.”
    9 Investigates Florida nursing programs not meeting state standards | WFTV

    Pass rates are less than 50% FL DOH MQA Search Portal | Compare Florida Prelicensure Nursing Education Programs