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Is anyone enrolled in (or has heard of )Kaplan University's online ASN program? According to the school, the courses are taught online and the clinicals are done in the South Florida area. This... Read More

  1. by   PrincessO
    I have been in this program & would not reccomend it to my worst enemy! We just got a new chairman and so far its been a living nightmare. He changes thing in the middle of the semester such as grading scale, clinical days, and lab hours. Sometimes we only get a few days notice. He also even extended this semester & said that we might even have to sit out a semester due to not having a clinical site for us. On top of all that you are paying 30,000 + for a school that is not accrediated and only has a 50% pass rate. I joned this program because it was marketed as an ADN program for people who work full-time & have a family. Well now that has even changed and we are also required to go to labs on the week days now. Also, some clinical site next semester maybe only be offered on week day. A lot of people have been dropping out of this program lie flies do to the recent last minute changes that occured in the last two months. This has caused me and other students a lot of stress that I won't even go into!
  2. by   RNstudent0317
    Any one considering going to kaplan pls dont i myself am going to kaplan university and im going through hell and back with this program, I regret the day I signed up to this program, no one cares what you learn, and what you dont learn. And there are NO TEACHERS, those who carry this title only grade but wont consider you if you need help understanding a subject. Save yourself this heart ache. Not only that but look up for all their legal problems, and their passing rate keeps dropping last time I heard it was a 30% passing rate so STAY AWAY!!!!!
  3. by   Jdj595
    For all who are thinking of doing Kaplan's ADN online program.... I am currently enrolled and regret it. It's a new program that is on probation because their students have a hard time passing the NCLEX. Basically you are teaching yourself. It's online and you better study because the only thing you will learn is what the book teaches you. The program is very unorganized. They are constantly changing things to "help", but all it does is overwhelm you. I enrolled in Kaplan's ADN program because it was advertised as an online program for working adults. However..... the staff does not agree. They say this is nursing school and to h$$$ with your job. They put a lot of focus on practice nclex tests which is nice but I would rather learn nursing and focus on the nclex when I get to that time. Mind you I drive from Homestead to Ft. Lauderdale to these classes and I really wish I would have stayed local. It is not worth my headache.

    To all aspiring nursing students. Just sacrifice the job and go to class. You cannot learn nursing online.
  4. by   Jdj595
    I hope you didn't do it.... Try Barry University, or Nova, or FIU. Anywhere BUT Kaplan....
  5. by   StudentNurseinFL
    Stay away! The school is recently on a probationary period by FL BON. Half the staff came from Nova U which is great however this is not a brick and mortar school - you only meet once a week for lab and 1 hour lecture a week - really, ONE HOUR! and sometimes the professor skips it so you don't have any at all, and yes all online discussions and weekly quizzes of which the learning environment sucks A as there is NONE. And of course, the cost alone enough to put you in crazy debt so if you start be sure you finish because your tuition will exceed $35K!

    You've been warned! Good luck!
  6. by   yolandaoz
    Are you able to give us an update.
  7. by   Jdj595
    The school is on probation and I am getting out. My grades are good but advising told me that 1 year would cost 10k and it has cost me 20k for 1 year. So for 40k to finish and find out my hard work is not worth the paper it's printed on??? I might as well start somewhere else and make the necessary sacrifices. In the end it's true. Either you want to be a nurse or you don't. In order to be a nurse you have to quit your job and dedicate 2 years of your life. If you want to be a good nurse just do that stop looking into these mickey mouse schools that are a waste of your money. I spent a year trying to teach myself how to be a nurse.... Find a good school. It's worth it.
  8. by   DLO, BSN, RN

    I went through a very similar situation with Galen College of Nursing here in San Antonio, Texas. I felt the program was a joke and VERY unorganized. Class schedules changed several times throughout the quarters, as well as class locations. I got out after 3 quarters and NEVER looked back. I agree about these "Mickey Mouse" schools. Ugh.