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has anyone taken the kaplan nursing entrance exam? i previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at baker for entrance into the program for the fall. unfortunately, i did not make the cut. i now have to take the... Read More

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    I bought mine at Barnes in Noble. I know Amazon has it for a cheaper price. Also I would look into checking out book from your local library.

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    Thanks km22. I took the TEAS V in December and lost all hope in the BSN program. I'm scheduled to take it again in 2 weeks. This time, I'm spending more time studying than before. I started 7 weeks ago. I wanted to know how is the Kaplan exam compared to TEAS V.? Also, how many times can u take the Kaplan exam? I plan on taking it the end of Feb or early March. I guess it depends on when they send me the invitation. For those of u who took the TEas V, does the ATI manual help if I were to review it on the side before taking the Kaplan? I'm loosing hope and all comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    I will be taking this test tomorrow at Carrington as well in Nevada. I pray I do well enough to get in. Thank you to all of you who have posted on this thread. From the bottom of my heart I am thankful. I shall log in and share my results. Thank you again.
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    Good luck enraymond. I wish you the best. I take my test for Carrington tomorrow morning. I hope to be classmates
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    I just took the Kaplan test for the university of South Dakota and found it to be pretty basic. I did not study and got a 88 on it. The science section was all a&p, and I am only half way through a&p 1 so it was difficult for me and I scored a low 65 on that section.
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    Thank you everyone this was a very helpful thread. I couldn't find anything online about this Kaplan entrance test. I take mine next Saturday at the Carrington in Reno A few questions Were there a lot of geometry questions? Also I heard the writing section was horrible, what did you guys think about it? I hope you all did great! Thanks! -Sheri
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    hello madeline2010.. I did do the best I could but it wasnt good enough. I studied from three different books, the old heci book, the kaplan study guide, and this book I got off of kindle. I got a 91 in the reading but I scored in the low 70s for the math and writing. I plan on taking it again in April. Thank you for the positive energy.. I defiantly need it. I focused more on the science portion but I didnt even take a science test. It was sort of frustrating, but I will do better next time!! Best wishes to you all as well
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    Hello all,

    I took the Kaplan test this past weekend.
    I got a 65% the first time, because I sucked pretty bad on the A & P part, but I'm retaking it in September and I didn't really study before I took it either but I have the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exams book, I reviewed that and I plan to mainly use my Anatomy and Physiology books to cover the high points of each section. Happy Testing!!
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