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has anyone taken the kaplan nursing entrance exam? i previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at baker for entrance into the program for the fall. unfortunately, i did not make the cut. i now have to take the... Read More

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    @cscholl What was mostly on the math section? Can you give a sample question? What about the reading section? Were the questions pretty straight forw
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    I took the test today. I got an overall 78%!!!
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    could you guys tell me what study guide you used for the Kaplan entrance exam? i am going to take the exam around September but i want to be ready since my school only takes 10 students in for the nursing program each semester so it is a lot of competition, any advice on the test would be highly appreciated!
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    I took the Kaplan today for Carrington College and I scored a 91.5%. This score only includes writing, math, and reading as Carrington does not test science. Would this score be enough to hopefully get me in? I scored a 96 in math, a 95 in reading, and a 81 in writing. We were tested on 71 out of the 91 total questions.
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    I just took the Kaplan Nursing Entrance exam for Carrington College and I did horrible on the Reading and Writing section. Does anyone have any tips or know any books that would be helpful for me to study. Thanks in advance=)
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    km22 what did you use to study? Is the test hard?
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    enraymond those are great scores! what did you use to study for the Kaplan?
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    bgg1 thank you! I wasn't sure what typical scores were for the kaplan. I used the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams study guide. I've heard of a lot of people not liking it and recommending the McGraw-Hill study guide instead. I found the math section to be a lot more difficult in the kaplan study guide than on the actual test and that the "writing" section had nothing to do with the writing on the actual exam.
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    I used the Kaplan entrance exam guide. The book wasnt very helpful with writing portion of the test. I think the reading and writing was more difficult than I thought. Math was easy. Dont use just the Kaplan study guide to study. I did that until last minute and started using a Barron book that helped study a week before the test.
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    Hi Everyone, Where can I find the Kaplan Study guide? Thanks in advance.

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