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Has anyone taken the Kaplan nursing entrance exam? I previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at Baker for entrance into the program for the fall. Unfortunately, I did not make the... Read More

  1. by   NeoNatMom

    I just attended new student orientation at Gwinnett Technical College, GA. There, you are required to take the Kaplan as well. However, as far as what is covered, the director for those pursuing nursing at our college told us that the Kaplan (everywhere) will have some math, reading as well as writing, and then plenty of critical thinking about what you have covered in your micro and anatomy/physiology courses. Being able to think and apply that knowledge will make or break you so be able to know things such as " If ---- has high cholesterol, how might this effect the ------- system?" This is simply an example, of course. Choose the best answer, reading through all the choices since one may only say 1 thing that might effect the ----- system, rather than the better answer which might be more so like " the ------ system would be affected by -------, -------- & ----------. The Kaplan will also highlight some chemistry, however many schools don't require chem prior to or during any point in their program. If that is the case for your school, they might omit those chem based questions, but still have them in the exam. I would check to make sure this is the case for you personally, since all colleges are different. The directir simply told us they would not count against us at this school. I hope this helps, just know your sciences that apply and you should be okay. Make sure you practice. Good Luck and God Bless!
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  2. by   Rachelj1222
    I was just wondering what kind of conversions were on the math portion. For example, are there a lot of metric conversions, and if so do you remember what they were? Or, are they conversion between fractions and decimals, and vise versa?
  3. by   gracie7773
    So, I seem to be seeing mixed reviews.... Was the study guide helpful? Would you add something else to make your prep more effective, if so what? Finishing A&P in a few days, but not taking the entrance exam until February. I'm nervous about waiting so long. Any advice is welcome!
    Thanks :spin:
  4. by   cscholl
    I just took the test on Friday. I got an 81% overall. I got a 96% in math, a 95% in reading, a 76% in writing (tough repetitive questions), and a 50% in science (I just started A&P I & II this semester and that is pretty much what is covered in science). The study guide seemed like a complete waste to me. I purchased it but it wasn't that helpful. I would definitely know A&P for the Kaplan!
  5. by   skottdale
    I just got an 82% today and I'm depressed. I thought I was prepared! I think NAU and U of A are out of reach now. Too competitive.
  6. by   mc21
    I feel the same way depressed I tuck the Kaplan on Tuesday and was surprised that I got a 85% overall. I felt prepared but don't know where I went wrong. I do feel sad that I was not able to apply for the spring semester at NAU but don't think I want to do anything else other than nursing so its hard to just quit all together. Anyone has some word of wisdom to help keep Kaplan re-taker motivated?
  7. by   jeo684
    Which test did they use? A TEAS version or the NLN pre-entrance exam?
  8. by   egla
    hi everyone i have my kaplan exam tomorrow to enrolle in nursing program, i would like a cite for practice test. any advice?
  9. by   Mary_109
    Believe or not...scores around 65% and 70% are considered good in the Kaplan exam....anything above that is GREAT!...sometimes it doesn't matter if your overall is high because some schools required a 65% or higher in the science part. Therefore, aim for a good score but emphasize in A&P, chemistry , and all the science. My school requires a 65% or above in science, so if you get an overall of 85% but a 60% in science, you're automatically disqualified . Check with the program's requirements.
  10. by   marshellsasha
    i took this exam today and passed.the book i used to prepare wwas really helpful.. it was the barons nursing school entrance exam book. i bought it off the amazon kindle store for 10 bucks
  11. by   daydreamer3532
    where can I register for the Kaplan entrance nurse exam in Washington State? I am having a very hard time finding it...
  12. by   ebellefant
    I take the test this upcoming Saturday and I am freaking out!! What should I focus on in the math section? Just fractions, conversions, and stuff like that?

    As for the Reading comprehension, what were most of the questions like? Main Idea? stuff like that?
  13. by   ebellefant
    What was mostly on the math section? Can you give a sample question? What about the reading section? Were the questions pretty straight forward?