Has anyone taken A&P 1 or 2 with the University of Phoenix online? - page 2

I am currently prego but trying to get my pre-reqs and this is one way to not interfere with my due date. I'm due in the end of September so traditional fall classes will be a no go. I've already checked and they are accredited... Read More

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    I would prefer to have the book too! I'm going for it! Wish me luck!!

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    Good luck!! You will do great
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    Quote from Brookelin
    If you are in AZ I would recommend taking them through Rio Salado CC instead. Although I take the bulk of my classes at Glendale CC, I take my biology classes online with Rio because GCC doesn't offer them online and Rio has a huge selection of class start times and length of program (if you want tradition 16 weeks or even as fast as 4 weeks in some cases...although I would really not recommend A&P in that format). I take all of my classes online and, like you, I started out pregnant and have now since had her and am a SAHM dealing with three kids so traditional classes aren't an option. Rio Salado lets you enroll and register for classes online. You can order books to be shipped to your home. The only thing is that you will have to take midterms and finals at a testing center, but they have quite a few throughout the valley so that should be relatively convenient. Plus you will only be paying the $76/crhr instead of whatever ghastly price U of P is charging!

    Hope that helps!
    I saw that you are in Surprise...my husband is working at Banner hospital in sun city and we are moving to surprise or el mirage to be closer. When I got on the MCCC waiting list in December I planned on going to GateWay because we live in Phoenix. I am still pretty new to the area so I wasn't sure what would be the closest college to Surprise. I am also a stay at home mom and my girls are not school age yet so I am scared to travel too far too and from our area! Would Glendale be the closest?
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    Quote from RED1984
    I took both A&P I and II @ University of Phoenix Got A's in both as well. I also, was pregnant.... Both courses are taught and tested "open book" which I love. The labs are all online, virtual. The college that I got accepted to for the RN program also accepted the transfer credits... If you have any other questions, you can message me, or ask here...
    Hi can you please tell me what chapters are covered in ap 1 at Phoenix (online)Thank you so much
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    I'm sorry, it was a few years ago now, and I can't remember!! I know A&P 1 was the 1st half of the textbook, and A&P 2 was the 2nd half. I'm pretty sure it was divided anatomy (1) and physiology (2)
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    Do you remember if you had to stick with the timeline or if you were able to go through them quicker? Also do you know if they run them often or certain times. I emailed to ask but not sure the guy is going to know if it's up to the discretion of the teacher
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    any other people take this course here? im thinking of taking it
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    Yes, we followed a schedule. Assignments were posted weekly. Tests posted at pre determined times as well.
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    How much home work and study Time?

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