Has anyone taken A&P 1 or 2 with the University of Phoenix online? Has anyone taken A&P 1 or 2 with the University of Phoenix online? - pg.2 | allnurses

Has anyone taken A&P 1 or 2 with the University of Phoenix online? - page 2

I am currently prego but trying to get my pre-reqs and this is one way to not interfere with my due date. I'm due in the end of September so traditional fall classes will be a no go. I've already... Read More

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    Quote from RED1984
    I took both A&P I and II @ University of Phoenix Got A's in both as well. I also, was pregnant.... Both courses are taught and tested "open book" which I love. The labs are all online, virtual. The college that I got accepted to for the RN program also accepted the transfer credits... If you have any other questions, you can message me, or ask here...
    Hi can you please tell me what chapters are covered in ap 1 at Phoenix (online)Thank you so much
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    I'm sorry, it was a few years ago now, and I can't remember!! I know A&P 1 was the 1st half of the textbook, and A&P 2 was the 2nd half. I'm pretty sure it was divided anatomy (1) and physiology (2)
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    Do you remember if you had to stick with the timeline or if you were able to go through them quicker? Also do you know if they run them often or certain times. I emailed to ask but not sure the guy is going to know if it's up to the discretion of the teacher
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    any other people take this course here? im thinking of taking it
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    Yes, we followed a schedule. Assignments were posted weekly. Tests posted at pre determined times as well.
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    How much home work and study Time?
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    Has anyone taken Microbiology through University of Phoenix? Is it tough to keep up with?
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    For the online A & P course, is there a specific timeframe it's offered during? The information online says it's 7 weeks long, so wondering - can you start at anytime and complete in 7 weeks?

    Also, about how many hours per day did you spend studying? (Trying to get a gauge on what it takes to lock in an "A".)

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    Hi. I know this was awhile ago but did you end up taking A&P with University of Phoenix online? If so, how did it go? Did you like it or dislike it? How was the layout and quizzes and tests and other assignments? Thanks!
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    In this class what did your grade consit of?