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I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear... Read More

  1. by   Lizzyru
    P.S. Nick, had I known you were going to be there, I would certainly have looked for you and introduced myself!
  2. by   RNicholask
    Yeah? Next time ill stand up and yell WAHOO! !

    Luckily I have the correct fingerprint and cpr cards. Immunizations are updated from the hospital. I just need health insurance now! Lol
  3. by   pickles45
    Thanks for the reply lizzyru and inspiredrn10. My counselor hasn't given me a direct answer as far as GPA is concerned. Unfortunately, I don't have a CNA certification or a previous degree, but I have completed all of the pre-reqs, and have a nice GPA, so I'm hoping that'll work! I'll know in a few months. Good luck again to all of you!
  4. by   TLK879
    Hi. I was accepted into the traditional Nursing program for fall, but I'm thinking that I want to do the fast track instead. Nick, who did you talk to about being accepted for Fall? Does anyone know who I could talk to about this? Thanks!
  5. by   RNicholask
    I've been emailing back and forth with my enrollment counselor.
    Even though August start date is far away, I feel like my window of opportunity is closing fast!
    Hopefully I can hear something soon!.....
    Congrats to getting in.
  6. by   TLK879
    Hi Nick. Think positive. ------- (enrollment counselor) told me that they won't totally be done with the acceptance process till the end of June, so you still have time. They may just be telling some people a little later than others. Who is your enrollment counselor? Mine has not called me or emailed me back in a week, and I've called and wrote her several emails. I'm getting really irritated, as I still need to register for NUR207 and have a lot of questions. Goodluck! I have a good feeling that you will get in for Fall!
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  7. by   RNicholask
    Thanks for words of encouragement. thats what I was also wondering, if theyved filled all the positions for fall already or not. But its nice to hear theres still hope.
    I too need to know soon as I will also have to take com270!
    Well see what happens, thanks for your kind words. I also hope I get in for fall. Im definitely ready to start. I have all my immunizations, cpr card, fingerprint card all done! Bring it!
  8. by   TLK879
    Me too! Is COM270 the same thing as NUR207? I think so. It's an online communications class that starts July 4th I believe through GCU. I'm very happy and excited that I got accepted, but now I'm wondering if I will still have a chance to go on the fast track program. Keep us posted and goodluck!
  9. by   RNicholask
    Yeah it's the same thing. A therapeutic communication class. Thanks, I will keep you posted for sure.
  10. by   RNicholask


    Congrats to all those who got in
    Good luck to those applying

  11. by   TLK879
    Congratulations Nick!! Good to hear! So happy for you! Is there a specific campus that you picked? Also, my enrollment counselor said that I need to take Ethics in order to do fast track. Do you know what the exact name of this class is and whether they have it at MCCC or not? She said that fast track and traditional students all take the same classes at the same time. The only difference is that traditional have summers off. So, I can try to get into fast track now or wait until next Spring or so. So, hopefully I'll be in that program as well. But, either way I'm really excited that I got in at all!! Yay, so happy for you!
  12. by   RNicholask
    I'm taking HCR210 ethical principles through Gateway online. I would highly recommend it. Professor is awesome.
    I'm at the Phoenix based campus. I live northwest so its the best option. Hm scottsdale probably would be same distance for me actually.
    Yeah I'm excited for all of us. Get in the fast track so we can be in the same class!
  13. by   inspiredRN10
    NickWahoo! Yay! I am so happy for you! That's awesome! Even though we won't technically be in the SAME class since I am in the East Valley Mesa campus, we are in fast track! Best of luck! I am so excited to start! I wish I could do stuff this summer to get ready!