Grand Canyon University Fall '11 HOPEFULLYS!! - page 7

I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear anything back from GCU about... Read More

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    I did! Its so close to my house!! I am sorta worried about driving to john c Lincoln in the beginning...I wonder if that's 4 days a week or just lab days? Im so excited!

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    Awesome! I am pretty close as well so I'm curious about the JCL thing. Whatever...I'm just so happy to be in!
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    I received my letter today as well. Congrats to all.
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    Haven't received any letter... Must mean I didn't get in.
    Are all of you that got in for the EAST side program?
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    I got into the one offered at SCH @ Shea. Have you heard anything? I am wondering, Nick if they have you on the alternate or wait list since they received your application later. That doesn't mean you did not get in yet! So don't give up!
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    Thanks for the encouragement Lizzy... I felt like it was a long shot anywho because I'm still taking some of the prereqs.... Was just hoping.. Haven't heard anything yet but its late now and I'm sure theyre closed wknds! But hey, I always have spring sem! Congrats to yall.
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    Congrats to you all! I'm applying to the spring fast track program. Would any of you be willing to share your GPA and TEAS scores? I'm not sure where I stand and my counselor won't give a straight answer on the average GPA for admission. Thank you!!
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    Hi, Seattlegal. I am not sure what my exact final GPA was since I took 4 last pre-req courses during Spring semester and didn't find out what it calculated out to be. BUT I can tell you that they do have a point system when they consider admission, such as a) prior college bachelor's degree, b) health care certification, such as EMT or CNA, c) current (or maybe prior) employment at health care setting, ie hospital, long term care, etc.

    I am sure I am forgetting something else and others can chime in but since I had all those, I was given extra points for consideration. I would say go ahead and try getting your EMT or CNA and get some experience while you wait. I received my CNA certification in Jan, '10 and have worked as a CNA at LTC and now as a PCT at a hospital. It has been a valuable experience and I love it.

    Good luck!!
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    Nick, what other prereq courses do you have to take?

    Are there anyone out there who has been accepted to the Part-time/PM program at SHC@ Shea? I'd love to find out who else would be in the program!!! Also those of you that attended the orientation on the 16th, can you tell us what we can expect at the immunization orientation on Monday? I am trying to determine whether to go into work then head to the orientation or take the whole day off...

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    Taking hcr210 and fon241 right now. And hcr240 summer2. My enrollment counselor told me as long as I'm enrolled in classes and have them done by fall I could possibly get accepted!
    Well... Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll get a late call/email

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