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  1. Hello All!
    Is anyone currently enrolled into the FNP online program at Georgetown?? I appreciate any feedback or input on this program. I haven't met anyone enrolled in the course yet...and i was a bit nervous about applying...It's a great/prestigious school...and I would like to know more about it from a students perspective before I cough up 78,000 bucks.. . Thanks in advance!!!

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  3. by   ChristineN
    Fall 2011 will be the very first time Georgetown offers an on-line FNP program, so you won't find anyone who has experienced it yet.
  4. by   flower25
    oh okay thank you so much!!!
  5. by   NAURN
    Is there any required campus time??
  6. by   Jasil
    78K that is just crazy!! The new bubble without a doubt is college tuition.......
  7. by   Carol RN
    I just got accepted to start Oct 31 and couldn't be more excited.
    I started at St Joseph's College of Maine and finished all the core classes (self-paced, loved it) My career had prepared me for leadership, ethics, policy, etc. but I didn't feel prepared to teach myself the core sciences (pharmacology, assessment, physiology). There is no teaching whatsoever, just assignments that are graded. Georgetown has 2 hours of lecture per class every week in addition to all the resources we all already have online. But what really did it for me was that the clinicals at St Joseph's changed several times from 500 hours self-paced to 600 hours, then 680 hours with a cohort over 3 semesters of 15 weeks and you find your own clinical preceptors.
    I've joined my states NP association as well as several linked in groups for NP's and there is quite a bit of concern voiced by new grads and the adequacy of their education. I don't want to become certified and feel like I'm faking my way through (which was the way the St Joseph's program was going).
    I'm sure Georgetown is not for everyone, but remember there are many employers that offer 20-30K per year loan repayment that you aren't eligible for if you don't have loans. (National Health Service Corp for a start).
    I also like that Georgetown arranges the clinical preceptors for me.
  8. by   Fairy dust
    Hey all who are attending Georgetown ....

    I won't be able to apply for the fall start so I have some time to get things together but curious..... I work in a hospital so do not work with FNPs. Did u all have a recommendation from one? I just don't see if u shadow a FNP for a day and if they write u a recommendation how it is strong? Just curious...
  9. by   Carol RN
    I didnt have a recommendation from an NP either.
    I got a recommendation from an MD that I worked with and that seemed to work.
  10. by   Fairy dust
    Thanks for the reply! I think their program sounds great, good luck!
  11. by   tucsonash
    This is actually not true. The first cohort began in March for FNPs, May for CNMs/WHNPs. I'm in the August cohort for CNMs/WHNPs. Those first students are totally rocking it out.
  12. by   Splendid Splinter
    I want admission into this program so badly it is making me ill.
  13. by   mnmhughes
    tucsonash - how long after your application 'deadline' did you hear your acceptance? I applied for spring 2012 Nurse Midwife/WHNP, deadline is Nov. 14, 2011 - just wondering how long I'll have to wait......
  14. by   KyelvertonRN
    I'm applying here too, but Im worried about to 70K+ tuition. Also, i did one of their online info sessions and the girl made it seem like even though its online, there are actual class times that you have to be on video conference. It seems like this would be totally inconvenient for anyone trying to maintain a job. Is this the case?